7 Fun-Packed Things To Do In Washington DC

7 Fun-Packed Things To Do in Washington DC

Washington is not just famous for its white marble buildings. It has great deals on adventure that can get the heart pumping. The city has dozens of attractive open spaces and fantastic recreational backyards where tourists can take full advantage of different sports opportunities.
Hillwood Museum & Gardens: If classy and exquisite is what you’re looking for, then Washington D.C. offers you, the Hillwood Museum & Gardens. Marjorie MHillwooderriweather Post inspires the 19th century art collector the museum. Due to her influence and collections the museum possesses fine Russian, Japanese, French, and other cultural art masterpieces. As if the classical paintings and decorative art pieces weren’t enough, visitors also get to enjoy the splendid gardens. Take a stroll down Friendship Walk path, smell the rose garden, or even play a little put put golf.

United States Botanic Garden: Ever been curious about what plants there are in other regions of the world? Find out with a relaxing walk through the United States Botanic national_garden_autumnGarden. The USBG is actually a collection of gardens with names like, Butterfly Garden, Regional Garden, Rose Garden, Rain Garden, and more. Come here to feel rejuvenated if you begin feeling tired of the concrete and steel that makes up Washington D.C.

National Zoological Park: is the animal equivalent to the United States Botanic Garden. The National Zoological Park contains almost 400 individual species, making it an excellent destination for kids, or annational zoo washington DCyone else looking for a unique zoo experience. For the environmental conscientious folks out there, you can rest assured knowing that the park’s mission is, “demonstrate leadership in animal care, science, education, and sustainability.”

Rock Creek Park: Everywhere in Washington D.C. is soaked in hiRock Creek Parkstory, some more than others. This 1700-acre park is pretty high up there in terms of rich history. To give you some perspective, Rock Creek Park is two and half times larger than Central Park in New York City. American-Indians have quarried it, it’s been used for Georgetown’s tobacco farming pre-Civil War, it was fortified during the Civil War, and it was one of the first parks managed federally. Rock Creek Park has a little something for everyone, meadows, steams, and unique wildlife.


National Building Museum: Ever since the dawn of time, man has been constantly improving architecture. The National Building Museum is only a few blocks from the National Mall, and it showcases some of the most awe inspiring architectural designs out there. In 1887, U.S. Army General Montgomery C. Meigs, began constructing this masterpiece. Step national building mesuiminside and you will witness 75-foot tall Corinthian columns, a 316’ X 116’ X 159’ Great Hall. That’s about the same height as Building 7 of the World Trade Center. The sheer size of the interior is only the beginning, as you walk you’ll get to enjoy numerous sculpted borders and other works of art that add to the building’s impressive history.

International Spy Museum: After watching the “Bourne” movies, “007,” or “Mission: Impossible,” one must wonder just what the life of a spy is actually like. The International Spy Museum is one of Washington D.C.’s more unique experience. Showcasing espionage stories and gadgets, viewers can get a better understanding National park serviceof what it’s like to live like a spy. Their information comes from verifiable sources, so you don’t have to worry about the whole thing being a simple parlor trick for attention. It’s the real deal.

Sports, Theater, and Concert Venues

Verizon Center: The Verizon Center is essentially the smorgasbord of Washington D.C. entertainment. Interested in basketball, how about 90’s rock n’ roll, or even stand-upverizon centercomedy? The Verizon Center offers all of this. Check out their calendar for more information by clicking here .

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