An Intern From Oslo

An Intern from Oslo

One of the things that makes our company special is that we are very multicultural. Today, Johanne started her summer internship at Dharma Home Suites. She is from Oslo, Norway and studies International Business at Cologne Business School in Cologne, Germany. I am really excited to see her marketing ideas for our rapidly growing organization. It’s a way to reconnect with our roots, as our managing director is also Norwegian. Johanne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the Norwegian Business School BI and has worked in social media marketing, strategic communication and event planning.
She also shares an interest we’re passionate about at Dharma – Bikram Yoga . I’m looking forward to going together – we’ve often found inspiration for our business after a yoga session. Johanne is in the US for the first time, so we want to make sure she has a great experience. She is also interested in fashion, good food and drinks and nightlife.

Today we ordered lunch from our favorite Indian Restaurant in Jersey City – Mantra . Eating together is another way that we share ideas and leverage our international perspectives.

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