Best Places To Travel To In New Jersey For Dharma’s Corporate Housing Guests

Best Places to Travel to in New Jersey for Dharma’s Corporate Housing Guests

Planning a trip to New Jersey?

Are you planning a short-term trip to New Jersey? Looking for a place to stay? Check out Dharma Home Suites. Dharma offers completely furnished apartments close to public transportation. Giving you the feel of a home away from home. The greatest advantage to staying with Dharma is even though they offer five star services they don’t charge like 5 start hotels. Vacations and business trips are stressful, keep it relaxed with Dharma’s help. Below is a article of the ten best places to travel to and activities to do during a stay in New Jersey

Here are the best places to travel to, as well as fun activities.

Princeton University

Princeton is one of the most distinguished colleges in the United States. Princeton is the fourth oldest college in the US. Their alumni even include presidents and judges. This college has multiple areas of interest for both visitors and students. Such areas of interest include: McCarter Theatre, The Art Museum, University Chapel and many other historic locations. If you’re thinking of your future, or a child’s future this is one of the best places to travel to during your stay.

Liberty Science Center

The two things that the East Coast is definitely not lacking is science and history. If you travel with kids this location as well as Princeton are excellent educational stops. The Center is sure to spark their curiosity, making it another excellent place to travel to with kids. The Liberty Science Center is a necessary visit. There are animals, IMAX showings, and plenty of exhibits to enjoy for the whole family.

Helicopter Rides

During a visit to the city that never sleeps and the areas around it, it is impossible to really grasp it all. The only way to grasp all of this, all of the beauty, the history, and the New York skyline is from the air. Helicopter tours are an excellent way for you and a couple friends or family members to fully take in New York. How is this one of the best places to travel to you may ask? Helicopter rides may be an activity, but in fact you are visiting one of the greatest cities in the world. That’s what makes a helicopter ride such an amazing experience.

Ocean City Boardwalk

It’s hard to really decide the best places to travel to. But, a boardwalk is a must. Boardwalks have always been a culturally diverse area to hang around. Street performers line the salt watered wooden planks. Concession stands with innumerable amounts of different foods. There’s attractions such as rides to really get the heart pounding. Also, of course, there’s the pristine, crisp ocean and ocean breeze to enjoy while taking all of this in

Cape May

Cape May is a lovely beachfront town. There are museums to visit, wine tours to embark on, and even arcades for gamers. The list goes on with lighthouses, zoos, and beaches. If you need a break from the big city hustle and bustle, this is a good travel destination and one of the best places to travel to in New Jersey.


For the more thrill seekers out there, there’s excellent parasailing and surfing in New Jersey.Parasailing is an exciting activity that really gets the adrenaline flowing. Even better is it will give you a nice view if you get high enough. Views would include famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty which is another excellent travel destination. Of course there are many other water sports around New Jersey.

Sport Fishing

Right up there with golfing, fishing is yet another peaceful sport that requires patience. That patience gets paid off though when you land a massive 10 foot fish. Cape May and the surrounding beach area will be the best places to travel to for deep sea fishing on boats. Even if you don’t get a huge catch, what better way is there to spend a day than out on the water, drinking some cold beers and relaxing with close friends.
Food Tours

Quite possibly one of the best travel activities on this list is the food tours. New Jersey food tours are great for the entire family to really immerse into numerous cultures, foods, and styles. This is another great activity if you travel with kids or other family. The possibility of learning, bonding, and of course eating delicious or weird foods is an amazing experience.

New Jersey Wine Tours

Are you trying to keep things classy and fancy during your visit to New Jersey? Well there’s no better way of staying classy than by making wine tours a travel destination. The tours allow you to calm the nerves, relax in the country side, and see a side of New Jersey you probably never knew about. Tasting, smelling, and pairing is only part of the experience. The experience is even more fun when you’re with close friends or family.