Corporate Housing: Jersey City Vs. Manhattan

Corporate Housing: Jersey City vs. Manhattan

When on a business trip, a comfortable place to stay, like Dharma Home Suites, is an essential facet people overlook that can really make or break the experience. Find out more about ways you will save money, time, and overall have a better experience when you stay in Jersey City rather than Manhattan for corporate housing.


Manhattan is one of the first cities that come to mind when people think of New York. However, in terms of keeping costs down, Manhattan corporate housing can inflate any bill costing figures upwards of $5,000 per month.

Manhattan Skyline ViewForget just the expensive furnished apartments in Manhattan, and think of the transportation, the buses, taxis, and cabs, are all more pricey In Manhattan; even the food costs more.

The entire city was built catering to the tourists who bring their money for an experience that is far often, too staged, too expensive, and less about the experience itself. Yet, New York’s Manhattan remains a bustling business tycoon because the people who come usually are not just tourists looking for someplace to go, but artists, and businessmen seeking to survive.

Jersey City Corporate Housing Visits

If Manhattan sounds overwhelming for a business trip, we’re here to offer a corporate Liberty Towers Corporate Housinghousing alterative with a better chance of giving you a comfortable, convenient, and selectively immersive experience in Jersey City.

Sitting across the Hudson, Jersey City remains a hidden gem of a location boasting cheaper prices, less crowds, and more organic culture opportunities for those who are interested. To give you an idea, corporate housing and furnished apartments in Jersey City can be as low as $4,000 per month.


ersey City is only 10 minutes away by PATH train. The PATH train is one of a few cheaper alternatives to travelling to and around Manhattan. The PATH train has stops in Journal Square and the World Trade Center. Other transportation options for corporate housing guests include: the public and private bus systems, and cabs with cheaper fares than New York taxis.

With the high rates of tourism, high car, and people traffic, and frequent visitor turnover, people who once lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn relocated to the more comfortable, and less chaotic Jersey City.


Jersey City offers more genuine culture opportunities such as festivals of all kinds, museums, and access to other monuments such as the Statue of Liberty.

Small businesses have made Jersey City their home thanks to New Jersey’s benefits for entrepreneurs. There are multitudes of family based restaurants and everyone knows, reputable ma and pop places make the best home-cooked meals.

Art, music, festivals, sightseeing, community, food, and cheaper prices; with access to all of these attractions, the reason is clear why people would choose a location that allowed them to be involved in all the city has to offer, like New Jersey, rather than a place in the heart of business like Manhattan.

Jersey City Statue of Liberty

Lucky for you, you now know there are decisions you can make to better suit your needs for you or your company’s next corporate housing trip.

From all of us here at Dharma Home Suites, we hope you enjoy your visit to the East Coast and will think of us when considering your corporate housing and furnished apartment needs in either New York or New Jersey.

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