Corporate Housing Vs Hotels

Corporate Housing vs Hotels

The city lights in Times Square, the rich history of Jersey City, and the sunny weather in Miami each portray some of the beauty found in these cities. There is a myriad of opportunities for new experiences, sceneries, and cultures when traveling for business or pleasure and traveling is more than venturing to iconic locations known for their gastronomy or getting on a flight to start a new job; its getting to know your surroundings like a local. All this and more become more accessible with the use of corporate housing versus hotel stays.

There’s no denying that having your room cleaned daily, getting on-demand meals, and getting your laundry done are fancy and convenient perks of staying in a hotel. However, how long is too long for that experience to get both stale and expensive? For hotels to be convenient for most business travelers they are found near airports and can be far away from the bustling urban city life. However, the urban life appeals to travelers and when their hotels are separated from the city and far away from unique urban life activities traveling goes from an exciting new experience to a stale week long stay.

That’s where corporate housing centers come in, not only can they be found in convenient locations but part of the business is being in tune with the city neighborhoods. This means incorporating apartments in the community and making sure there is a sense of belonging for as long as you stay.

One of the many benefits of corporate housing is your ability to experience like a local and get so much local knowledge that you commute like a resident. You get the benefit of your local colleague’s expertise and the thrill of discovering what makes a place special. You are able to explore the architecture while stumbling upon a hidden gem. When you stay in a hotel, the community in which you live is as transient as you are, aside from interesting conversations at the hotel bar, you still get a whitewash experience, removing all the uniqueness of the place you are visiting. Moreover, being confined to a hotel room space located in the midst of highly populated areas, where the only way to get around is by circumnavigating the crowds, detriments from the ideal local experience.

Corporate housing straddles the differences in being on a work assignment and experiencing like a local. This is where we see the growth of companies such as Airbnb and Dharma Home Suites where guests are opting for a custom experience. The custom experience provides you with the opportunity to choose the right accommodations to fit your needs. Whether is keeping a feeling of coming home at the end day, maintaining the continuity of arriving at home, having a fully equipped kitchen, or answering calls and emails in a comfortable place, corporate housing creates this ideal space.

The joy of traveling for work comes to life when you feel at home. This is the core message in corporate housing, especially for Dharma Home Suites. Feeling a sense of belonging despite being away from the place we call home. Corporate housing opens a window of opportunities to create the ideal space. What is a tradeoff of having a fully furnished apartment with mesmerizing views of Manhattan or Miami beach? Only corporate housing can provide the comfort and support for a fully upscale home-away-from-home experience.

Final Words

Corporate housing provides the ultimate experience of comfort when traveling for business, leisure or relocating for a project. The idea of experiencing like a local and commuting like a resident exemplifies the advantages of choosing a corporate housing accommodation. The sense of community and home are pivotal when you are away from home. No matter what the purpose of your travel is, being able to experience a location from its hidden gems, the architecture or the public transportation system, make corporate housing the ideal choice.
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Optimize your next business trip by knowing the difference between Corporate Housing vs. Hotels and which one is best for your business.
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