Dharma Home Suites’ 2015 Highlights

Dharma Home Suites’ 2015 Highlights

2015 was one heck of a year wasn’t it? Science triumphed in finding flowing water on Mars and took pictures of the mysterious dwarf planet Pluto. In politics, same-sex marriage was legalized; the economy is improving, and efforts to combat climate change increases. Medicine accomplished the elimination of Rubella in the Americas, as well as zero polio cases in Africa. Humanities exponential expansion and improvement is evident almost everywhere we look. Dharma Home Suites own growth is no exception.

Boston ERC Conference for Relocation and Corporate Housing Companies
In order to better accommodate our corporate guests we attended the ERC conference, which is Boston ERC Conferenceheld in order to help employees transferring to new cities for work. As mentioned in other articles on our site, relocation can be a very complicated process. Our goal is to uncomplicated that process to ensure your comfort. In addition, this conference held many networking opportunities for us. As we develop our network we become better equipped to handle any complications that may arise during your stay with us. These conferences help us prepare, improve, and deliver quality services to you.
Dharma Locals at the Dublin Web Summit

Dharma Locals is Dharma Home Suites’ most recent development. The new sites goal is to help our corporate guests with getting acquainted to the cities they’re staying at. After all, we aren’t just trying to provide you with a place to stay temporarily. Dharma is trying to help you create a home away from home, and part of that means knowing the best places to eat, things to do, and everything else that comes along moving to a new city.

Expansion to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.
Our growth is expanding due to our loyal guests who stay with us. Our recent expansion to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. is all thanks to those professionals out there who choose us for corporate housing. We will continue expanding to new major US cities, as well as, in cities we are already located. Our expansions give you the accommodation of experiencing our excellence in more cities and in convenient locations for your specific needs.

Dharmahomesuites.com Improves

Not only are we expanding our physical locations, but we are also expanding and improving our website to deliver an easier and informative booking experience. At Dharma we provide quality service that everyone deserves to experience. Thus, the more web influence we have the more likely potential guests have of finding us. Making them the lucky ones to choose Dharma Home Suites for corporate housing.

Final Words of 2015

From the bottom of everyone here at Dharma Home Suites, we would like to thank you for your continued faith and loyalty in our services. Constantly we strive to improve the entire corporate housing experience you receive and we will continue to have you in mind whenever we make new decisions. It was a great year and we look forward to what this New Year brings us. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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