Dharma Home Suites Corporate Housing Vs. Hotels

Corporate Housing vs. Hotels

There are numerous reasons you might find yourself looking into temporary housing due to say a business trip, visiting someone in the hospital, or whatever else life throws your way. Point being, that if you find yourself having to stay in New York, Jersey City, Boston, Manhattan, D.C., Philadelphia, or Miami for any reason, don’t book with a hotel. Book your stay with Dharma Home Suites.

Hotels have very minimal maid service for one, for two they are more expensive per day, and finally they just plain feel strange. So what are the benefits to corporate housing? And more specifically, what are the benefits of staying with Dharma Home Suites for corporate housing? With Dharma Home Suites you’ll receive fully stocked kitchens, premium cable TV, Wi-Fi, yoga mats, and much more.

Corporate Housing vs. Hotel Amenities

What do you hotels have going for them anyways? Sure, they have pools, and a continental breakfast. A single bed, a few basic channels on TV, anything extra costs extra though.

Corporate housing with Dharma is completely different. There’ll be multiple beds, a full kitchen, and an actual dining room table, full TV’s. Anything that makes a home, a home, besides the family of course is in a corporate suite with Dharma.

Dharma also has 24 hours service desks, BBQ areas, pools, fitness centers and more. Everything you need in one building. After you stay you won’t want to leave because of just how homey and convenient it all is.


Corporate Housing vs. Hotel Experience

Which brings me to my next point. Hotels have a high turn over rate. People come and go, and the hotel seems to do the minimum as quick as they can. Obviously they have benefits, but a home away from home? Hardly.

Dharma corporate suites give visitors everything they would have in their own home. While also helping you settle into whichever city you choose to stay with. Articles on our site will give you plenty of ideas and links for things to do. Go ahead and ask anyone of our associates for any further help and they will be more than helpful.

You can also rest assured that Dharma Home Suites corporate housing makes sure to take care of the environment that houses us all. We use cleaning products from Seventh Generation. These cleaning products are non-toxic and biodegradable.


Hotels litter cities like New York, Jersey City, and Miami. During a visit to such cities how are you going to get around? You could take a taxi or rent a car. However public transportation seems a lot more reasonable.

Corporate Housing vs. Hotel Pricing

Hotels, you are lucky to get one bed for 400$ a night. What if you have a family? And are Liberty Towers Corporate Housingyou really going to want to stay there any longer than a day? It’s hard to say what options there are for something longer. For instance if you are looking for a place to stay for a corporate visit you need corporate housing. Corporate housing, although a bit more expensive than an apartment through a lease, is still much cheaper than a hotel.

Still don’t believe us? Check out this site for more information about corporate housing vs. hotels: Click Here .

Dharma locations are situated around the cities near bus, trains, and taxis. Allowing a corporate visitor to travel around the city anyway they like.

Final Word

We are looking to form a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. If there is anything anyone at Dharma Home Suites can do to improve your corporate housing experience. From all of us at Dharma, thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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