Emerging Growing Area Of Businesses And Products

Emerging Growing Area of Businesses and Products

The business scene is changing, again! As technology advances and social trends change, so do the businesses and their strategies or products in attempts to try to capitalize on the technology advances and social trends. Dharma Home Suites provides insight as to emerging growing areas of business, as well as some of the products resulting. As a business professional, it is good to be aware of changing technologies and attitudes that may eventually affect you and your business life.


Emerging sustainability efforts have pressured some business companies to improve upon past processes or products that were less than safe in the environment. Having a green image is becoming of increased importance as people realize and rally behind the idea of being good stewards to our resources, and becoming more sustainable for better future outlooks.

Affluent people capable of buying a variety of goods may feel less bad purchasing a product made by a company investing in using resources more carefully than they would purchasing a product from a company known for poisoning the environment. With increasing populations and the associated increase in food, space, water, and stuff in general, it is not unwise to find better ways to make more necessities for less detrimental future effects, so that the planet and all its’ bounty will last for future generations.

Information Security

With all the social media, and all the largely unrestricted Internet access, and all the moving from paper to electronics has created a new security issue. How safe can private and important information, social or business, be kept in a world of electronics and file sharing? With all the credit card number leaks, social security number thefts, and scams and frauds everywhere, how can consumers and producers protect themselves?

More detailed individualized access keys such as fingerprints, or portable, affordable DNA checkers sound like a thing of dreams. But such a direction is possible, from today’s facial recognition software and iris scans (eyeLock). Eventually, as technology advances, and streamlining of product abilities increases (such as cell phones that can duo as credit cards, or garage door keys), the need for effective, multi-layer user protection will become ever more important.


A great deal of emerging businesses focus revolves around potential unlocked by technology . Thus, here are the following emerging businesses, and resulting or associated products.

Drone manufacturing

The ability to monitor things or perform programmed tasks from afar in potentially hostile conditions, unlimited by the human need to sleep or be compensated, is a powerful one. They come in all sizes, from book sized, to passenger plane sized, and are designed for all kinds of jobs. Commercially, drones are often used in crop field monitoring and testing, warehouse stocking, perimeter surveillance.

They have use as military tools, and even medical ones, with their ability to fly supplies to rural areas. The large application with minimal costs, besides upfront and developmental ones, peg drones as an up and coming business area. Interestingly, drones are also for sale for the public to buy for personal amusement. The future may even involve to-you-home food or package delivery by drone!

Virtual Reality

Once upon a time video games were confined to small play devices, and eventually accessories like hammers for moles, steering wheels, pseudo guitar consoles, dance pads, and sensor bars came around. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to explore and interact with monsters, characters, and items just by donning a virtual reality helmet (Eyefluence’s Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, and Gest’s individual finger motion sensors). Similar concepts are behind certain types of training exercises, like protocols for entering and evacuating a burning building, or landing a plane on a landing strip, or building a model.

Artificial Intelligence

There never seems a moment when humanity tires of striving to recreate autonomy and sentient beings from mechanical, human-shaped robots. Despite the slight creep factor some experience with the newest models, progress and growth of the field within the last few years cannot be denied. The race continues to refine a machines ability to critically think like us. They are getting more human looking as well (Hanson Robotics “Sophia”).

Knowing what resources are available or will become available may help guide future business propositions. You’ll be prepared for technology changes and know some background on the other players who may target similar audiences as you. Knowledge is power. Hope you enjoyed this article and well wishes from Dharma .

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