Extended Stay

Extended Stay

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Jan 30

Scheduled to open in March 2017, Jersey City downtown will be introducing the original extended stay brand, The Residence Inn , brought to us by Marriot corporation. The extended stay hotel will provide amenities such as a fitness center, dining area –including breakfast, meeting rooms, and more.

Planning your next big trip, whether it is for business or pleasure, should not be a stressful process and being aware of your accommodation options only expedites planning and reserving your room so that your accommodations are the least of your worries. As a corporate housing company, we have insider knowledge, because of being in the industry, about temporary accommodations & short/long term stays, that we can share with you so that you can plan your next trip feeling secure and informed.

Extended stay accommodations

What are extended stay hotels or also referred to as apartment hotels?

Extended stay hotels are also called apartment hotels and often an extension of a hotel brand. For instance, the first extended stay hotel by Marriot corporation is the chain called The Residence Inn. The name “apartment hotel” truly sums up the accommodation –an apartment style temporary accommodation; normally equipped with a kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, self service laundry area and with the simplicity of reserving the room, like a hotel, while avoiding any fixed contracts. These accommodations are residential style hotels including all of the personalized services in a complete home and allowing occupants to live just as they would at home.

When it comes to lengthier stays, staying in an accommodation that allows for a comfortable, home-like atmosphere may be the best choice for you. When choosing which type of accommodation is best for you, many aspects come into play such as cost efficiency, self-service amenities and independence, and comfort.

It could be less expensive to stay in an apartment suite, as opposed to a hotel, due to discounts and self-service features available.

For your next trip, consider all of your accommodation options. Keep in mind, you are not restricted to staying in a hotel, consider apartment hotels or corporate housing accommodations.

Don’t let the stress of reserving accommodations make the planning process more worrisome than necessary. It is your trip; whether it is for work or vacation, you get to choose what you’re doing, where you’re staying, and how you do it.

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