Health Tips From Dharma

Health Tips from Dharma

Important Health Tips

Staying healthy while traveling can sometimes prove to be quite the challenge, but the reason why seems to escape us most of the time. Even when we take the precaution of avoiding sick people or taking supplements it seems that a majority of the time we catch a bug while away from home. The reasons why may actually surprise you, and here are ways to avoid that bug that’s creeping right around the corner waiting for us.


Hydration is Key

First and probably the thing you hear most is “stay hydrated!” and it is very important to stay hydrated, but why? Well, for one, our bodies are made up of almost 70% of water, so it’s no wonder our bodies need so much fluid intake, but that’s not the only reason. Daily intake of water differs from person to person depending on their schedule and life style.

Damage of a Sedentary Lifestyle

If normally you are working and sitting down for a corporate job, but it is still important to drink water. Our Cons of Corporate Positionslegs have one way valves where blood can only move toward your heart and the only thing that gets blood moving from our legs back up to our heart is muscle contraction. So if we are sitting our legs are not getting that blood back up to our hearts which can cause risk of leg clots or deep vein thrombosis, or even just make our bodies strained which can have its toll on our immune systems. So you want to create movement, we are not suggesting that you do lunges across the plane, but you could simply flex your calf muscles from your seat! Or if you are staying hydrated like you should, your frequent trips to the bathroom should be sufficient exercise to keep your blood pumping.

Traveling and its Effect on the Immune System

If you are traveling you are probably running to the correct gate of your plane that happened to be moved, or trying to catch the bus to an appointment. Which means you will need more water than normal. Just the act of traveling and not being in our normal daily schedule puts added stress on our bodies which will cause us to use more water than normal, even if we aren’t running around the airport.Another thing that contributes to the possibility of getting sick while traveling that does not even cross our minds is the conditions in airplanes. “The important thing people need to realize about an airplane cabin is it’s really not a healthy environment”, says Leslie Kaminoff, a yoga therapist and breathing specialist. And really it’s not. The pressure in a plane makes people feel like they are at about 8,000 feet which is like being very high up in the mountains, which that alone takes its tolls on our systems. Our breathing is more labored and there is less oxygen available and we do not even realize it! It is suggested to take long, and very deep breaths while on a plane.

Other Health Tips and how Dharma Home Suites can Help

While water may be the best option for getting hydrated, it’s not your only option. Drinks such as fruit or vegetable juice, milk or herbal teas can all contribute to staying hydrated. Even some caffeinated beverages in moderation. Another way to stay healthy is to stay active. When we are on Corporate Housing Fitness Centera plane or on a train or even in a meeting we are sitting and while we may not think much of it, it is actually making our bodies work harder without us even knowing. Dharma Home Suites makes it easy to stay active while traveling with our fitness centers!

So really it’s no wonder our bodies can’t handle any virus’s that are thrown our way while traveling,our bodies are put to the test between not enough water, to not enough activity to keep our blood moving at a good pace, to having a very unhealthy environment on planes. Thankfully though there are ways we can help our bodies keep us healthy. Again, stay hydrated! This is probably the most important. Also, stay active, which if you are staying active, will mean you will need to increase your water intake even more. You can also take supplements to strengthen our immune system, they even have drinks that have over 100% of the recommended vitamin C intake! The 3 major antioxidant vitamins are beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Of course there are many, many others, but these are another one of those things that depend on your lifestyle. Whatever your lifestyle, Dharma Home Suites makes traveling that much more simple, which means less stress on you, which in turn means a healthier you.

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