How To Stay Organized During Your Corporate Trip

How To Stay Organized During Your Corporate Trip

Organization can make or break a business trip. Think about it. When you can’t find something or don’t have enough space for your possessions it adds onto the stress of the trip. You already have to worry about keeping appointments and creating projects. To help you have a relatively stress free corporate housing experience, we at Dharma Home Suites have some useful tips regarding packing luggage, making the most of closet space, and your restroom.

Step 1: Checklist

In order to be completely prepared and organized for your business trip or corporate housing stay , the first step is to create a checklist. Things to be included in this checklist should be articles of clothing, documentation such as passports, office supplies, electronics, and anything else that might be important.

Ever have that “oh no!” moment when you realize you forgot something important at home? Checklists are an excellent way of ensuring you don’t forget anything. Ideally, you will create the list a week or two before your trip. This allows you to add items you may have initially forgotten during the first listing process. You also feel more ready, confident, and prepared when you make an organized checklist.

Step 2: Pack Luggage Efficiently

First off, before you put anything in your suitcase, be sure to not fall into the “what if” mentality trap. Essentially, pack only what you need! Otherwise you’re going to end up having trouble even closing your suitcase. Worse, you may have to pay more for your luggage’s transportation.

The next step is to decide what you actually will be taking with you. You should pack more shirts and tops than pants, since pants take up a lot more space. Usually you want to pack two to three pairs of shoes: a pair of dress shoes, casual shoes, and possibly slippers.

The best way is to first line the bottom of your suitcase with a plastic bag to prevent wrinkles. Pack the shoes at the bottom of the case. Fill them with socks, or other miscellaneous items. For your clothes there are multiple ways to fold them. For clothes your not worried about wrinkling, you can roll them up. For dress type garments fold them in order to keep them looking nice and professional.

Step 3: The Itinerary

An itinerary or planner takes organization one-step further. These useful strategies ensure that you don’t miss a single important appointment or site-seeing opportunity.

With these three strategies for organization you will ensure a less stressful business trip. Essentially it all comes down to planning for the future and not waiting till the last minute!

That’s the basics, but if you want more details or advice on packing your back check out this article !

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