New Technology Article For Corporate Housing Guests And Site Visitors

New Technology Article for Corporate Housing Guests and Site Visitors


Here at Dharma we frequently get customers from different niches. One such niche is IT and others specializing in technology. We wish to create blogs relatable for our clients. Listed below are 40 new technologies and inventions. If you are in London then you may want to consider purchasing some home automation installers in london, by visiting sites such as Custom Controls after reading this article.
Enjoy reading. 🙂

Science Tech

1. Hoverboard

Back in 1989 the world witnessed Marty McFly flying around on a futuristic hoverboard in 2015. It’s 2015 now and the company Hendo has officially made a real hoverboard. Using breakthrough air technology made this possible. Although, not as mobile as the one in the movie, this is a big step to reaching that point. Skating legend Tony Hawk even gave it a try.

2. Fusion Reactor

Fusion is the Holy Grail for science, technology, and energy. Fusion outputs exponentially more power than any fusion reactor on Earth. The trouble is how much energy goes into creating a fusion reaction. The other issue is how big these reactors must be. Lockheed Martin claims he has the ability to not only create a fusion reactor, but make it portable. Scientists are very skeptical of this since he hasn’t shown much evidence to his claim. If he really has made a breakthrough though, fossil fuel technology is soon to be obsolete.

3. Witricity

Wireless charging technology has been invented through the use of pads. The pads themselves are not wireless however. So how does someone create a completely wireless charger? With the use of coupled resonators. Soon this technology will turn wires into ancient relics of the past.
4. HemopurifierHemopurifier, New Medical Technology

There are thousands of people who are been infected with HIV and other viral pathogens. Finally, these people have a solution through a new invention. The Hemopurifier helps filter out pathogens. These devices hook up to dialysis machines and assist in filtering and cleaning blood. This goes to prove that science will heal millions of people.

5. Bat Wind Turbine

Bat Wind Green TechnologyThe need for green energy technology increases daily. Unfortunately most technologies that help produce energy are expensive. Altaeros Energie found the solution. A buoyant wind turbine that literally floats in mid air. These balloons are filled with helium and tethered down to a portable trailer. The tethers lift or lower the turbine, positioning it where the wind currents are.
6. Titan Arm

The military has taken a keen interest in Bionic Armor. The movie “Iron Man” has helped inspire surely. Now that interest is becoming a reality. The Titan Arm is the first step to achieving this technology. The Titan Arm allows for the wearer to lift 40 pounds. 40 pounds is certainly not superhuman. However, soon the Iron Man suit may actually be reality.

7. Xstat SyringeXstat Syringe New Medical Technology

While on the battlefield every second counts. Especially for wounded troops. It’s difficult to tend awound efficiently. Even more so when the area can’t be tourniquet. RevMedx created the technology of a syringe that injects miniature foam pieces into wounds. These pieces help clotting and preventing infection. Giving the wounded victim a dramatically better chance of recovery.

8. Thermal Radar

In the past 10 years technology has advanced quickly. Sadly, it’s still very inefficient and bulky. Companies still don’t get complete visibility of a location even after paying hundreds of dollars for security systems. There are constantly blind spots. With the thermal radar that’s no longer a problem. The thermal radar gives 360 degree field of vision.

9. Dearman Engine
The Dearman Engine Company created their engine to address the inefficiency of delivery trucks’ cooling systems. These systems require immense amounts of energy to operate. Thus they consume a large quantity of gas. The Dearman Engine is a cleaner and efficient way to keep a truck cool.

10. Gravity Light

The Gravity Light company is a nonprofit organization illuminating the world using green power. Gravity is everywhere, it’s constant, it makes sense to utilize it. Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves invented Gravity Light technology. Martin and Jim created the Gravity Light to address the ever-precedent problem of harmful kerosene lanterns in less developed countries.

11. Mind-reading and Memory Recording MRI Scan

People’s curiosity leads them to wondering exactly what happens in the brain concerning memory and thought . Now, neuroscientist Donald Marks begins the path to accomplish and understanding this with MRI technology. His mind-reading and memory recording techniques are powered through MRI scans. The scans record patterns events associated with them. This technology will allow people to revisit lost memories, feel other’s feelings, and maybe implement these patterns into AI programs.

12. Smart Contact Lenses
Google and Novartis teamed up to create technologies that benefit the quality of life. They designed smart contact lens technology for people with diabetes. The lens measure tear fluids on the surface of a person’s eye. The information gets transferred back to a phone. Letting the wearer know their blood sugar level. In the future, smart contact lens technology will measure other metrics for healthy livining.

13. Invisibility Cloaks

“Harry Potter” sparked the imagination of many in numerous ways. This curiosity leads people to wonder what if no one could see them. Wanting to own Harry’s invisibility cloak, inventors now embark towards creating a real one. Backyard scientist and military researchers alike. The resulting technology is astounding but expensive and difficult.

14. Bionic Plant

Multiple use for nanotechnology is emerging with the potential to be incorporated into plant life. Like something from a Sci-Fi movie, bionic plants are being developed. These plant have the potential to identify pollutants in the air and their volume, as well as, recognize explosive chemicals. The imagination is the limit in this emerging field.

15. Solar-Panel Windows

Creativity, curiosity, and efficiency inspire people daily to develop everyday items into something useful. Ubiquitous Energy, a MIT startup company, researched and created a transparent solar-panel window. These windows work by absorbing infrared light and transporting it through the transparent glass to a solar strip at the edge of the window. If every building implemented this technology the world would potentially have all the green energy it needed.
Health and Fitness

16. Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel New Bike Technology Although difficult, it helps the pollution problem when more people practice green living. However, who has the time or energy to ride a bike 10+ miles to commute? The Copenhagen Wheel makes commuting with a bike more feasible. The wheel records and monitors, speeds and elevation in real time. The wheel takes this information and engages pedal assistance when needed. The wheel works by energy stored from pedalling. The Copenhagen Wheel will make biking for commuting an actual reality.

17. 94fifty Smart Sensor

Inventors finally gave sports the smart update it’s due for. 94Fifty created and installed a sensor into their basketballs, creating the first smart ball for sports. The sensor feeds real time information to an app. This allows users to track and correct dribbling, shots, and other techniques. The sensor gives athletes the advantage of an accurate digital coach.

18. Foot Powered Cycle

Inspired by the original bike concept German engineers created the Fliz Bike. The creators wanted to change up the typical design of a bike. This bike combines foot power, with the wheels of a typical bicycle. The unique German bicycle suspends its rider using a five-point harness. The rider uses their feet to scoot along, after picking up speed they may rest their feet on the back wheel. Surprisingly this creative, yet weird looking bike is gaining a lot of traction.

19. Color Changing Milk Carton
Almost everyone experiences drinking sour milk at one point or another in their life. There is a new technology out that helps prevent this from happening. Inventor Ko Yang designed a color changing milk carton. The milk carton begins to change as it gets close to the expiration date. Once this technology reaches the market people will never have to worry about drinking expired milk again.

20. One Wheeled Motorcycle

The engineers of Ryno created a one-wheeled electric motorcycle. The motorcycle is for both bike lane and sidewalk usage alike, similar to Segway. This is an effort to motivate people to get out of their cars and travel using electricity. The motorcycle goes up to ten miles per hour and travesl about 15 miles on one charge.

21. SCiO Molecular Sensor

Scio Molecular Sensor TechnologyPeople on diets tend to have a hard time tracking calories. This is especially true when they eat out. Not all restaurants keep accurate calorie records for their food. The SCiO Molecular Sensor doesn’t only help people on diets. It’s also a tool for people who are curious about materials around them. This cool handheld device is capable of analyzing food, plants, and medications. If you can scan it SCiO can analyze it.
22. Skully

Marcus and Mitchel Weller created the world’s first smart helmet, Skully. The helmet has a transparent display for information like GPS, blind spots, a rear view camera, and Bluetooth technology. This technology gives motorcyclists a better chance of not getting hit while riding. The helmet is intended to make the distractions and dangers of riding a motorcycle considerably less.

23. Soccket

Who said fun can’t be energy efficient? The people at Unchartered Play in New York City have wondered the same thing and answered the call with Soccket. Soccket, is the first soccer ball that actually generates energy when played with.

24. Mouth Guard Detects Concussions

Trends make sports a large part of society. Sadly with sports, athletes often suffer head injuries. Unfortunately, head injuries frequently go undetected, until now. Taking the common mouth guard, Forge Impact Technologies’ engineers redesign it to detect concussions.


25. 3D Printers

3D printers have incredible potential for application in everyday life. With multiple models and styles 3D printers suit buyers preferences. However most of these accomplish the same tasks, just in different ways and qualities. Owners use 3D printers to create prototypes, concept designs, fossil recreation, and even organ printing. These printers help numerous industries such as medicine, education, architecture, paleontology, archeology, and even entertainment. 3D printers have unlimited potential.

26. Blackphone

As technology advances so do those who know how to manipulate it. Inventors created the Blackphone to make a user’s information less hackable. The phone accomplishes this with specific programming, apps, and operating systems that helps protect business secrets, financial information, and any other information in need of protection.

27. Coolest CoolerCoolest Cooler Technology

The creators of the Coolest Cooler noticed that coolers often turn into a gathering area. It was only a matter of time until they got a technological upgrade. The Coolest Cooler comes with a built in blender, Bluetooth speaker, and USB to plug a phone into. Originally a startup on Kickstart, the Coolest Cooler continue to grow into a large company.

28. Ringly

Businesswomen are often to busy to answer their phones. What if there’s an emergency? Businesswomen now have a way to know without looking at their phone. This instance is when Ringly comes in handy (pun intended). Ringly gives wearers the capability of programming it to vibrate certain ways for certain notifications. Ringly prevents missing important calls while still making its user look fabulous.

29. MotionSavy Uni

The biggest challenge for deaf people is often communication. It’s hard because a small amount of not deaf people know how to use sign language. MotionSavy Uni solves this problem of interaction between deaf and not deaf people. This is a two way communication program that reads sign language and communicates it aloud. This software is soon to revolutionize the lives of those who are deaf as well as their families.

30. Aros Air Conditioner

Garthen Leslie designed the Smart Aros Air Conditioner to help save people enormous amounts of money. Designed to operate with a smart phone Aros, has intuitive scheduling, and even anticipates the location of its owner. Aros cuts down on costs, energy usage, and the inconvenience of too cold or too hot.

31. Osmo

Osmo Child TechnologyParents often let their children play with iPads nowadays. This can be either good or bad. It’s a “with great power comes great responsibility” concept. Osmo is taking the power and attraction of iPads for children and turning it into a learning system. Osmo comes with multiple apps for drawing, learning, and many other programs that help develop children’s brains.

32. Stick and Find Stickers

People often lose keys, wallets, and other possessions. That’s why inventors created Stick and Find Stickers for smart phones. Losing keys, a wallet, or even the remote is stressful but the Stick and Find Stickers fix this. As their name suggests the stickers get stuck onto devices. The stickers emit a Bluetooth frequency that allow you to use a radar on your phone to find. A simple solution for a common problem.

33. Lytro

Lytro is the evolution of photography. The creators of Lytro made it with the capability to shoot traditional 2D pictures of 3D pictures. The camera lens creates crisp images with clear backgrounds by taking in light from every direction. The Lytro lens has an incredibly powerful 40 megaray sensor and 30-250mm focal length. For anyone looking to upgrade their photography Lytro is the advanced new product.

34. Amazon Drones

Amazon is taking delivering products to a new level. In order to provide faster delivery they are getting their hands into drone technology. Drones would be a fast and convenient for delivery of packages within half an hour.

35. BendeskBendesk New Computer Tech

The Bendesk seamlessly combines the visual of a monitor with the convenience of a desk. The system runs on two projectors and three cameras and responds to the motions of the user’s hands. The desk will one day be used so that people can effortlessly write up a document and then move it to the screen to be read. The Bendesk is a very practical invention for the futuristic world.

36. CTX Virtual Keyboard

The CTX Virtual Keyboard makes it a lot easier to have a keyboard with you wherever you go. Technology nerds won’t have to rely on bulky keyboards anymore. Instead, the user relies on a small box that projects a laser keyboard on any surface. Soon, inventors will create a new compact computer design that fits inside a person’s pocket.

37. Samsung Flexible Display

Samsung Flexible Display Samsung enjoys experimenting with new concepts and technologies. During their latest experimenting, they created a bendable smartphone. Considering how the new iPhone breaks and bends in pockets, it’s easy to see that having a flexible phone would expand the phone’s lifespan.

38. Avegant Glyph

The Avegant Glyph enhances digital screens. It does this through the optical lenses in the headband. ItVirtual Reality Technology also acts as headphones. This set simply creates better quality for TV’s, phones, and any other screen. They’re also working on making it responsive to gyroscopes for virtual reality applications.

39. Project Ara

Smartphones as people know them now are actually obsolete. Phones produce an incredible amount of waste since there’s always a new, better version coming out. Made of detachable modules, Project Ara targets and solves this issue. Need a better camera? Buy a module. Need a bigger memory? Buy a module. This has a large amount of potential. Combine this concept with 3D printing technology and the possibilities of personalizing increase exponentially.

40. Ring

Companies implement smart technology into almost everything now. Logbar Inc. created the Ring to help users with integration of technology into their homes. The Ring responds to preprogrammed gestures. The Ring gives its user the capability with Cloud technology to turn the TV on with a swipe of their hand or an Xbox with a circular motion.

41. Robot Vacuum

Ok, I said there would be 40 on the list so consider this a bonus. The robot vacuum has come a long way since its inception. Capabilities and features include: a self-adjusting, multi surface cleaning system; auto-docking and recharging; drop-off and obstacle detection; and a long-lasting lithium ion battery. This may seem like a gadget of the future but it is most certainly making its mark in the here and now as a popular choice in the cleaning arsenal of many homes.


People advance technology daily with new discoveries. It’s amazing to think of what is yet to be discovered. We here at Dharma Home Suites hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for taking the time to read this and stay inspired.

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