Oriental Style Hospitality

Oriental Style Hospitality

At Dharma Home Suites we aim to provide all of our guests with a truly upscale home away from home experience. Our team has worked on providing key insights on Dharma’s hospitality approach and how the organization brings people together.

Why is Dharma’s hospitality different and why should people choose it?

Dharma’s hospitality centers in a holistic approach to offer travelers all aspects of a home in their temporary accommodations. Our core values center in the Japanese concept “Kaisen”, which signifies continuous change for better improvement. “Kaisen” comes from understanding that life is continuously changing, and in order to be in tune with life we must never stop learning. We must be willing to adjust our actions and business to improve everyone’s living.

Where does the ideology behind “Oriental Style Hospitality” come from?

Since the early begins of Dharma, we wanted to bring a different element into the way we approach hospitality. The idea behind Oriental Style Hospitality is; incorporating fundamental concepts of balance and continuous improvement in the alternative accommodations world. Our value proposition is bringing together a service that will aim to provide top quality accommodations to all of our guest looking for an experience that feels more like home and less like a hotel.

“For us it’s not only about providing a fully furnished apartment but giving guests an optimal environment that fosters balance, comfort and well-being.”

Our inspiration since the beginning was to make a difference in our industry through attention to detail and shared experiences.

Is there a relation with the name Dharma?

Dharma is a key concept that signifies the “right way of living,” a fundamental part of the cosmos and the balance in the world. The relationship between Dharma Home Suites and Oriental style hospitality comes on finding the balance between work and well-being. Our goal is to provide guests with tailored experiences that allow us to not only improving our operations/services but also improve other people’s lives.

How do Dharma services reflect the ideology behind Oriental style hospitality

Our mission is to bring all of our guests the perfect mixture of luxury living and home comfort. The process behind selecting our apartments is based on Feng Shui principles, in which we use energy to create harmonized spaces to provide guests with a calm and comfortable environment. Fostering a balance between home, lifestyle, and adventure.

What does Oriental Style Hospitality mean to you as a person versus as a business?

Oriental Style Hospitality represents a mindset where you as an individual are able to have a perfect balance between home, work, and adventure. That balance is achieved by trying to be your best self and bringing a positive energy into people’s lives. By doing so, you are constantly fostering care and equality in instances where core values might be left behind and remember good Karma, good life. The concept of Oriental Style Hospitality is somewhat abstract but we want to translate this concept into our core offerings at Dharma. From the accommodations we choose, our services, and the staff that works along with us to achieve a successful organization. It has been mesmerizing to see how an organization has come together through balance and care.

How does Oriental Style Hospitality fit into the industry?

This concept fits in the industry because it’s based on providing the best services and care through basic principles of balance and continuous change. Dharma’s core principles stand on improving people’s lives and we try to do so by providing the best quality services. A way in which we do, is by utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products to protect the environment, our guests and staff.

Why does it work? What makes it so special?

Our Oriental Style Hospitality works because we create a unique environment for our guests by providing an optimal home away from home experience. The little details we take into account from the location of the apartments to the decor help us stand out from other alternative accommodations. We also constantly strive to polish our services to build long-lasting relationships with our guests. At the end of the day, they become part of the Dharma Home Suites family and for us, that’s something invaluable.

Why should people choose this hospitality versus regular?

Choosing this type of hospitality is the foundation of understanding the importance of self-care and balance. At Dharma, we make sure that all guests feel a sense of belonging regardless of the purpose or length of their travels. This belonging begins from the moment you book to the end of your stay. One of the many things why guest return to our accommodations is because they find the comfort of home in our clean and modern suites. Most importantly, they feel welcomed; our staff works diligently to create a unique experience and build meaningful relationships, and welcome you home.

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