Plant A Forest Anywhere, Even In The Corporate World!

Plant a Forest Anywhere, Even in the Corporate World!

So here’s the thing. At Dharma Home Suites , we pride ourselves on the amount of care we have for details. This is especially true for one tiny detail that actually affects everyone in a huge way! That detail is the attempt to live and encourage green living.

It’s unfortunate that many see “Going Green” and large businesses as mortal enemies. In fact, all it takes is some creative problem solving in order to leave a greener world, even in the busy downtown district of New York! Before I go any further I would like to give full credit for inspiration of this article. Shubhendu Sharma and is TED Talk inspired us, and we hope this article or his TED Talk will inspire you too!

The Concept of Growing Tiny Forests in the Corporate World
The concept itself is difficult to grasp with right? I mean c’mon a tiny forest growing someplace as busy as New York? Well it’s very possible due to the methods of Shubhendu Sharma and his team at .

The concept is, for a cheaper price than an iPhone, Afforestt can build a tiny forest in the space of six cars. The implications of this means that forests can literally be grown on rooftops, inside extra space, outside the building in that ugly to look at flower garden. Heck it can honestly be grown just about anywhere.

Here’s some statistics for you to consider about these tiny forests:

  • 30x Denser – This is because instead of spacing each plant out by however much is recommended, they just place plants together that can feed off each other. For example: an orange tree with shrubbery on both sides and a vine running up its trunk.
  • 10x Growth – Due to the use of biomass fertilizer, hay, and their other methods, these forests grow incredibly fast! Throw out the Roundup! Go all-natural.
  • 100x Biodiversity – As mentioned in the dense section: due to the use of several species of plants, these tiny forests are incredibly diverse! Could practically make yourself a salad with one visit outside.
  • 100% Organic – Nuff said right?
The Purpose of Growing Tiny Forests in the Corporate World

“We believe that the Earth has not been irrevocably damaged, and the countless forests that we have lost over the years are not gone forever. We believe that collectively we can bring back our lost forests.” – Afforestt.

That’s straight from the horse’s mouth and we couldn’t agree more. As long as everyone does their part and helps where they can and how they can, without a doubt we can make the Earth green again! It’s not only easy to do but comes with so many benefits. Instead of your workers or coworkers having to pay for an expensive lunch down 5 blocks from your office, you can literally grow fruits and veggies on the rooftop. Having such a spot would increase creativity too!

The Advantage of Growing Tiny Forests in the Corporate World

Long story short here’s the advantages:

  • Better Air Qualit y – This is probably the most important aspect. In busy cities the air quality is absolutely disgusting and is always getting worse. If you travel on business trips to Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Washington D.C., or just about any other major city you can think of, you’ll notice all of the smog. This is part of why the climate is turning into a mess. But with simple acts like planting a tiny forest, it can be turned around!
  • Home/office grown fruits and veggies for lunch
  • An area to hold creative meetings and find inspiration
  • Impact and inspire your local community
  • Save money on air conditioning, food, loss productivity, etc.
I know such a project can be daunting. But even taking the smallest steps, like switching to greener cleaning projects, recycling, or of course, planting a small forest can help humanity get back on the right track. In corporate terms, it’s honestly a win-win.

Here at Dharma Home Suites Temporary Housing , we thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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