Promising Jobs In Philadelphia

Promising Jobs in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, many promising job opportunities are available for all kinds of people. Like anywhere else though, some jobs will be easier to find than others based on the job demand of the area. To help you stay informed, Dharma Home Suites has compiled a list of promising up and coming job options, with the help of a CBS Philly report and a 2015 High Priorities Occupations list on promising jobs selected for projected job growth, current openings, salary, and required education. While the jobs that are in demand may change over time, these are current for now.


In an age where technology aids everyday life, those good with technology have a promising future job outlook. Computer systems analysts, information systems analysts, and app development are all informative technologies very useful in life, and projected to be on the rise in demand in Philadelphia. Information technology can be used for many industries or jobs that rely on data usage and computer use and safety.


People don’t go out of their way to get sick, but at one point or another, they usually catch a cold. As a result, it is unlikely healthcare will ever go out of business. Healthcare jobs involving overseeing the machinery, medical records, and fields such as physical therapy and nutrition are projected to go up. These jobs include: Health Service Manager, medical sonographer, registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physical Therapists.

Accounting & Consulting

Sometimes with everything else in life going on, you need help managing the micro jobs in your life. Someone who specializes in managing money may be able to help keep your finances organized. Accountants, financial analysts, and cost estimator jobs are another promising jobscape for those considering Philadelphia for their future job headquarters.

Final Words from Dharma Home Suites

If you are a professional seeking a job in any of those areas, or will be travelling to Philadelphia to make your future fortune, keep this list in mind for future reference. The folks here at Dharma Home Suites post useful lists and links about sights to see, food to eat, places to go, and things to bring, in preparation for your trip to make your journey a memorable one. We hope this information has been useful. For those of you planning to travel to or who are in Philadelphia for corporate housing , we hope you enjoy your stay; for those of you looking to for work in Philadelphia, we wish you the best of luck.

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