Summer Special: Miami, New York & NJ Highlights

Photo Courtesy of Pedro Lastra on Unsplash
May 30
Summer is officially here and with it comes the opportunity to explore your favorite city underneath the sun. We’ve created a roundup of Summer Special Events in Miami, New York & NJ, so next time you’re planning your trip you can book your apartment and find the perfect event to attend.

NYC: A city that’s constantly bustling with activity and never sleep, New York is the ideal city for those of you looking for a metropolitan twist to your summer’s repertoire. From the world famous Pride Parade to movies in the parks, check out our summer guides to NYC and make your next stay one of high-end comfort 

Miami: We know the sandy beaches of Miami are always welcoming but with summer comes more activity than ever. There’s so much more to this diverse city than the beach! So pack your swimsuits, prepare for adventures, and immerse yourself in this multicultural city and it’s beautiful.

JC: Beautiful open parks, cozy streets, and wonderful NYC views from Jersey City and Hoboken are the ideal low-key getaways for you and your family this summer. So take a dip at the local pools, get the picnic baskets ready for movies in the park, and take a look at all the wonderful things to do!

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Summer Special: Miami, New York & NJ HighlightsTest 2