The Dharma Experience

The Dharma Experience

It’s been a long flight, you couldn’t sleep because you, unfortunately, you got seated next to a crying baby. At least you have some time to work on that presentation for tomorrow afternoon, who knew coming to New York for a week-long business trip could be this stressful? You finally arrive and leave the airport quickly, giving the driver the address you zone out. As you arrive to your destination you notice a nice residential corner with trees lining the street, there, sits a brick building with large windows. Thankfully, a company representative has already checked you into the apartment you’ll be staying in and all you need to do is say your name at the front desk.

With one final stretch of your energy, you finally make it to the apartment, you open the door and find luxury hardwood floors, a large open concept kitchen, beautiful Manhattan skyline views and if you look to your right you can see a large bed in the room; Welcome home…

At Dharma we know traveling isn’t always a relaxing experience, and part of it has to do with feeling cooped up in hotel and conference rooms for too long. This is why we make sure to pick spacious lodgings for our guests. We approach hospitality with a holistic approach, to offer travelers all aspects of feeling like their accommodations are truly theirs. The Dharma Experience believes in facilitating the balances between home, lifestyle, and adventure.

The comfort of a home can come from several factors but nothing beats a comfortable bed to make you feel relaxed after a day filled with meetings. We offer our guests premium, 250 thread count bedding from Thomaston Mills for a deep night’s sleep:
We strive to provide you with not only the best furnishings but also with the atmospheric peace you look for by choosing our apartments according to ancient Feng Shui principles and adorning them with furniture and art representing styles from different parts of the world.

This helps the apartment feel like space where you can not only relax but also personalize for your stay.

When traveling for an extended period of time you want to make sure you have some time for yourself. A great way to make use of our apartments is having people over, our open kitchen’s are ideal for inviting some friends, work buddies, or even family over for some quality time together.
This luxury experience isn’t all about looks though, in addition to giving yourself a space to relax, unwind, you name it, we’re helping you stay in budget by offering fully stocked kitchens to avoid the push towards constantly eating out.

Being able to enjoy the apartment is a must, add that to being in a central neighborhood in the Jersey area and you just went from business to pleasure in one easy step. Having a spacious living room, amazing views, and a beautiful kitchen are perks you never knew you needed when traveling.
So come live the Dharma Experience and find your ideal #homeawayfromhome.

Dharma Home Suites provides one-of-a-kind, temporary housing solutions by way of short-term, fully furnished accommodations in upscale, amenity buildings in Miami, New York and New Jersey. We deliver a local living experience that makes all the difference. Sleep deeper, work better, heal faster, stress less and live more.

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