Things To Do In Miami, Florida (Part One) – Dharma’s Travel Blog

Things to do in Miami, Florida (Part One) – Dharma’s Travel Blog

Dharma Home Suites Things to do in Miami Article (Part One)

As a corporate housing company, we at Dharma Home Suites know that moving to new places, even for a short time, can be daunting. You don’t know what’s around you, what is there to do, are there places you should see. It is because of this that we at Dharma, have decided to create a blog segment for not only helping our corporate housing customers getting acquainted with the area. But, also to help you the reader, the traveller and the visitor to learn something new about Miami attractions and other popular locations, thank you and enjoy reading our article about things to do in Miami, Florida.

Miami Beaches
Miami is most known for its beautiful beaches, this is because Miami has a beach for everyone. Miami, Florida has beaches for families, for parties, beaches with cafés, beaches with bars just about any experience you are looking for that involves the beach is here. Some of which include the following:
Bal Harbor Beach

What do you imagine when you think of a beach? Clear turquoise water, fine white sand between your toes, and even a jogging path with bicyclists, joggers, and boarders lined with cafés and bistros. That’s this Miami attraction to the tee, located on the north end of Miami Beach.

Crandon Park Beach

Are you looking for a family friendly area with plenty of things to do in Miami? Crandon Park Beach has a Family Amusement Center, a Nature Center, and Cabanas for rent, giving you and your family a real Miami beach experience.

Miami Beach, South Beach

Families aren’t the only ones visiting Miami Beach. Partying on South Beach is one of the must things to do while in Miami. South Beach has plenty of fun and excitement for college students and young adults looking to party and have a memorable… or maybe not so memorable time.

Water Sports in Miami
With so many people looking for things to do in Miami and so much water surrounding the area it’s easy to see why there are so many different water sports to do. These water sports range from thrill and adrenaline to patience and relaxing, here are only a few.


Parasailing is one of the many exciting things to do in Miami. However it is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking to have an amazing view of Miami, while wind blows through your hair, flying over the ocean, then parasailing in Miami is for you.

Fly Boarding

Fly boarding is a new and emerging sport that is one of the prevalent things to do in Miami. This is an interesting experience, which gives the feelings of being in a futuristic movie. As you fly through the sky using water to propel you nimbly over the Miami waters.

Kayak & SUP

Fly boarding and parasailing are both extreme types of activities and not for everyone, however that doesn’t mean you are out of luck when it comes to watersports in Miami. Renting a kayak or a stand up paddleboard are both excellent things to do at Miami beaches.

Party Boats

Miami attractions are in no shortage when it comes to parties. Although not technically a water sport, partying on a boat in the middle of a Miami beach can be a once in a lifetime kind of experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Sports Arenas Near Miami
Sporting events are a big part of things to do in Miami. Miami is well known for its variety of sporting events from basketball and baseball to football and hockey. They have an arena for almost any sport you can possibly think of.

American Airlines Arena

Home of the Miami Heat, the American Airline Arena is a must stop for things to do in Miami if you are a basketball fan. Have coffee on the beach in the morning and then head to this thrill ride of a sporting event in the afternoon.

BB & T Center

This is the home of the vicious Florida Panthers, the Florida Hockey team that puts other to shame. It’s hard to imagine a hockey team in sunny Florida but who doesn’t like giant men, ice-skating and beating each other up.

Homestead Miami Speedway

Ice-skating and slam dunks are great and all, but nothing quite beats watching a agile car going hundreds of miles an hour around a speedway. This Miami attraction willl actually get your heart-pumping take a trip down to the speedway and watch fast cars make seemingly endless left turns.

Marlins Park

As said, Miami has arenas for people looking for things to do in Miami sports related. Baseball, the favorite American past time, definitely cannot be left out. The Marlins Baseball Park makes an excellent Miami destination for people who have families looking for a genuine American experience.

Shopping in Miami-Dade County
Due to Miami’s Brickel Business district there is plenty of shopping to be had. Fashion centers, shopping malls, overall name brands come by easy. Whether a self proclaimed fashionista or a guy looking for a nice suit you’ll find what you’re looking for in the shopping malls of Miami.

Dolphin Mall

The Dolphin Mall is the second largest mall is Miami-Dade County. It has over 240 outlets and name brand stores including Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and even Bass Pro Shop. The shop has three zones, Playa (Beach), Moda (Fashion), and Ramblas (Boulevards). Dolphin Mall has something in it for the whole family. Making it a staple visit for anyone looking for things to do in Miami

Dadeland Mall

Dadeland Mall is one of the oldest Miami attractions for shopping. Created in 1966, the mall hasn’t lost its retro touch, but has been upgraded to keep up with the styles of the present. The mall features anchor stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Find out more about this malls interesting past by clicking here.

The Falls Shopping Center

Although not as large as the other shopping malls located in Miami, there are still plenty of things to do in Miami’s Falls Shopping Center. It makes up for its size by its success leaking into the surrounding areas.

Relaxing Spas in Miami
Are you here on a business trip? Or a vacation from work? Whatever you’re reason may be there is nothing quite like being pampered for a day. Especially by the lovely people working the spas in Miami. Treat yourself because you deserve to relax every now and then and to help you, here are some of the most known spas in Miami-Dade County.


mySpa is one of the most talked about spas in the Miami area. mySpa is so well known because they have a wide variety of spa services offered from massage, and a beauty bar, to a fitness center and relaxation lounges. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out their Yelp reviews to decide if it’s for sure one of the things to do in Miami for you.

Body Sense

Body Sense is another Miami attraction that much like mySpa, has everything you could ask for in a day spa business. Services include, numerous styles of massage, skin care, body treatments, pain management, and more. Here at Dharma Home Suites we only want you to experience the best of the best.

The Spa at Doral

Do you happen to be staying in a Trump hotel while visiting Miami? Then the Spa at the Doral hotel will be an easy choice. The Doral has 33 treatment rooms and over 100 spa services. With this many options it won’t be hard for you to choose something specifically tailored to your needs.

Dharma Home Suites wishes that no matter your reason for staying with us, that you are well taken care of. Dharma’s corporate housing in Miami, Florida is located in two of the most popular areas of Miami. Miami Beach and Brickel. We will continue our mission of informing you of Miami attractions in the area for you to enjoy with a part two of this article. Enjoy reading, learning, and adventuring travellers.


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