Tips For Holiday Travel: Dharma Edition

Tips for Holiday Travel: Dharma Edition

The holidays: a time to celebrate, to enjoy some time off from work, and to spend time with loved ones. If travel is involved, it can also be a logistics nightmare for the under-prepared. From making sure you packed everything, to giving yourself enough time to pass through extensive lines at airport security, traveling during the Holidays can ironically be just as stressful as it is meant to be relaxing.

Regardless of where you’re going or for how long you’re leaving, we’re here to give you some of our favorite tips on what to do and what not do when preparing for travel during the holiday seasons.

Give Yourself Time To Catch Connecting Flights

Whether due to crowds or uncooperative weather, there’s always the risk that one’s flight may be delayed. As such, for itineraries that include connecting flights or airports changes, we highly recommend you schedule enough time (an hour at least for connecting flights in the same airport) between transfers. There are few things more frustrating than having to run to your connecting flight through airport crowds, only to miss it.

Even if you’re traveling via a direct flight, try to pick an early departure. They say the early bird gets the worm and during the holidays hopping on that early bird might be the only reason you get to your celebrations on time.

Be Smart About Accommodations

Just as important as flights are accommodations, if you’re visiting a new city or need a place to stay that isn’t with family, pick accommodations that are spacious and away from the usual tourist spots. While you might be traveling to explore new places, staying in tourist hot spots generally mean huge crowds and packed hotels, and high prices.

A great way to get the best of both worlds is to choose a serviced apartment. Having easy access to public transportation (and in turn no crowds near your suite), spacious living spaces in case you’re traveling with friends (or even want to have family over), and easy access to grocery shops are only a few reasons why a services apartment can be a great solution to your holiday accommodation needs.

Add to it the possibility of avoiding noisy and crowded holiday hotel lobbies and you get both the comfort and the space you need and crave.

Use Price Warnings When Buying Airline Tickets Online

In an ideal world, your first pick for accommodations, flights, and reservations will always be available. Unfortunately it’s just too easy to lose that perfectly priced airline ticket in the blink of an eye during peak season. As such, we recommend the use of price warning mechanisms available on most online booking platforms when booking your travel. This feature lets you know whether prices for your flights are going up or down during the weeks and months leading up to your desired travel dates and times. Use this feature and check back often to purchase your tickets at the most opportune time.

Follow The Rules

Check airport regulations, they change according to city and different security checkpoints and you want to make sure none of your belongings or gifts to loved ones get confiscated by airport security. You might also want to check Airline bag policies, it’s better to make sure your bag meets the standard than struggle to meet weight and regulation capacities at the airport counter.

Get Up-To-The-Minute Travel Conditions Via Your Smartphone

Travel warnings: pay attention to minimize surprises – from blizzard warnings to unexpectedly long airport lines, it’s much better to know ahead of time; so set up reminders and check often before and during your travel. To stay on top of travel conditions, just use your smartphone to check the weather forecast, airport announcements, airline announcements, and if visiting a foreign country, any embassy announcements.
We hope these tips and tricks will help you make the most out of your travels during this holiday season; and if New York or Miami are on your itinerary, consider staying with us!

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