Your Next Tenants

Your next Tenants

Knowing your audience has never been more important in the travel and hospitality world, companies similar to Lowcountry Real Estate ( ) understand this as well, it’s not just about their age anymore and it’s certainly more complex than expecting them to find you. There has been an exponential growth in alternative accommodations and it comes from a push in travel for both business and pleasure. We’ve analyzed the market, listened to what our guests have to say, and have concluded that these are our tenants and what they look for in their accommodations:

Solo Travelers

Business Travelers

Probably the largest sector of our audience, business travelers have a unique motivations and goals that make them a common tenant at corporate housing facilities. These particular guests tend to spend a lot of time online and will be looking at various booking websites at the same time. This can present a challenge when they’re your main audience which is why you have to place close attention to their ultimate goals such as, maximizing time instead of resources. That is not to say that an efficient use of resources isn?t important but because of the nature of their travel they tend to concentrate more on convenient locations to their job, and productive time management.

This type of guest also fluctuates between short term and long term stays. While some concentrate on looking for a place to stay while attending a work conference; some might be looking for a temporary apartment whilst they relocate to another city. This variation in travel purposes makes it vital to offer upscale amenities, because the time frames are not always within the same time spectrum contemporary accommodations can be the deciding factor between your facilities and a hotel.

Corporate Travel Administrators

While not the traveler’s themselves, corporate travel administrators are playing a key role in the travel industry. Similar to the business traveler, corporate travel administrators are a more integrated part of the hospitality and travel industry in general. His or her job is intrinsically connected to ensuring high-level amenities and comfort, concentrating on finding alternative accommodations for high-level executives. A key category for this particular audience is location, and this is not limited to the city; it means making sure whatever neighborhood is picked provides both business and entertainment for the traveling executive(s). Unlike the business traveler; the administrator leans more towards maximizing resources , these don’t necessarily need to fall under booking processes or cost savings but more on prioritizing core company values and finding trustworthy companies to fulfill their needs and provide any support along the way.

Group Travelers

Relocating Families

Falling in close proximity to our first example; relocating families normally include a business traveler that drives the move. These particular types of guests normally look for a mix of maximizing resources and time but also rely heavily on maximizing location . The nature of family dynamic will lead these guests to look for urban neighborhoods that have their outside amenities and ideal lodgings that meet their day-to-day life. This includes but isn’t limited to buildings that are close to a safe school district, have easily accessible grocery stores, and are viewed and rated as safe among peers. Amenities that families will search for include but are not limited to, shared living spaces, several bedrooms, washer and dryer in-unit, and a landline among others. A lot of families appreciate advice that you give them, no matter how small you think it is. Even just giving them tips for moving a long distance , where to find certain things in the local area and giving them a few essential items before they move in will give them a brilliant start to your relationship together.

Cost-saving is also a priority for relocating families, because it includes more than one person and comes with a separate list of needs it’s important to include as many benefits as possible. While not separate to amenities families will always be looking for the most complete package possible, a small way to separate your company from others is doing the necessary research for them. If you are renting out to a family, you may want to ensure that you have a lease agreement made up for them including all the information that they might need for their stay. Have neighborhood information readily available for them, if you have more than one location that meets family standards have a link nearby, this would also be an ideal opportunity to present any promotions available for participation.

Friends on Vacation

Mainly part of the millennial audience these tenants are some of the newer guests when it comes to alternative accommodations and corporate housing. Aside from being a relatively new group they are also a pretty well-balanced group. Like the business traveler they will be looking at various online sources for the best option as well as try to maximize their time in whatever city they are visiting, one of their ultimate goals being to have unique experiences in a comfortable setting. This is where the importance of location comes in, because they are part of the millennial group they tend to be younger and wish to feel and be left with a sense wanderlust when traveling; this can easily translate to restaurants with unique foods, local transportation, and hip urban neighborhoods. However, they will also try to achieve as much as possible in a short period of time. This makes them maximize their resources and while their concentration will tend to stick to new experiences and places, having wifi and a business center to squeeze in a few hours of work is more common than not. It’s the idea that they can do leisure travel and constantly have the best of both worlds. For these guests it’s not just important to have great location, great amenities, and excellent service but to look at how you as company can fulfill their vision of a perfect friends weekend, as well as service their business needs without them having to ask for it.

Final Words

Tenants come and go and as the industry continues to develop we will see an increase in our audience pool and as time goes by we will see variations of all these people. It’s important to identify their key needs, be it time, resources, location, or in some cases just a little bit of wanderlust . So don’t let anything stop you from providing the business traveler, the corporate travel administrator, the relocating family or the group of friend s with their ideal #homeawayfromhome.

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