8 Things To Know Before Moving Into A Furnished Apartment In New York City

8 Things to know before moving into a Furnished apartment in New York City

As you probably already know, Dharma Home Suites has multiple corporate housing properties located in the New York area. Some properties include Ivy Tower, Hoboken, and Jersey City. For those of you planning to stay in these areas for the first time, or even if it’s not your first time, be sure to keep reading and find out about the 10 things you need to know before moving to your New York Furnished Apartment!

  1. Subway – Traffic is constant in the cities most the time, and navigating the streets can be more of a headache than it’s worth for someone who’s not going to be staying in New York for very long. Instead of contributing to pollution and causing yourself stress, it’s easier to just learn how to navigate using the subway!
  2. Monuments & Tourist Attractions – Now more than likely you’ll end up eventually deciding to visit one of the common tourist attractions in the New York area such as the Statue of Liberty or Time Square, so make sure you plan beforehand so that you know what to expect in terms of wait lines, costs, and navigation.
  3. Fees: for taxis, buses, subways, and other common day things – Which brings me to the third thing to know before moving into your New York furnished apartment. Be sure that you research how much taxis, trains, buses and other common day items such as groceries are going to cost. Be sure to travel with a budget and try to stick with that budget. You don’t want to show up to New York and find out you can only buy a loaf of bread with that ten dollars in your pocket.
  4. Restaurants to try – While creating a budget it’s also important to take into account the types of restaurants you want to try. After all, New York’s diversity is one of the reasons it’s such a great place to visit. Look at restaurants online and discover foods like Greek, Mediterranean, and some of the best Italian food in the world!
  5. What’s close to New York – If you’re the adventurous type then be sure to check out what is within driving distance from your furnished apartment in New York. Eastern States are a lot less big compared to Western States so sometimes you can visit three states in one day no problem!
  6. Things you want to experience – As I said in the restaurants section, one of the things that make New York so great is all of the diversity. With all that diversity you can experience a roller skate rink at midnight, or an Indian restaurant for breakfast, or an afternoon helicopter ride. Look into what New York has to offer for a business traveler like yourself.
  7. History of New York – You’ll appreciate everything you see on a whole new depth if you have a better understanding of where it all came from. Don’t be afraid to use Wikipedia or some other resource and look into things like The Empire State Building being built.
  8. What’s it like living there, talk to a local before going – Find a new pen pal or someone who can help you learn about the daily life of a New Yorker. Use social media or an app in order to discover what you should expect during your corporate housing stay in New York.

You see now? There is a lot to prepare for before traveling to New York, especially if you don’t want to have a stressful trip. As always from all of us here at Dharma Home Suites, we thank you for reading. Please subscribe to our blog and if you need to contact us click here.

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