A Dive Into Alternative Accommodations

A Dive into Alternative Accommodations

Welcome to the world of alternative accommodations!

Here, we’re in the business making sure our guests feel comfortable and temporary accommodations feel just like home. This multifaceted industry has quickly taken the world by storm, from conglomerate giants like Airbnb to smaller boutique hotels; alternative accommodations have brought a new player to level the field ones ruled by hotels across the globe.

When making the decision to book accommodations, people from around the world now have thousands of options for both short term and long term stays. This is thanks to the collaborative nature of the industry. Being an alternative accommodation provider means many things and we’re here to tell you what the business is all about and the importance of growing the market as a whole.

First, we can take a quick look into everything that falls under the words “alternative accommodations.” “Alternative accommodation can be simply defined as consisting of all those types of accommodation which are available outside the formal or organized accommodation sector. We may consider as an alternative any form of accommodation that is different from that which is generally accepted as tourist accommodation.” Link

While not extremely clear, this definition does highlight the importance of understanding that alternative accommodations do not fit one single mold. They come in different shapes, sizes, business models, and people. These short and long term accommodations are constantly being changed by the people who host them, manage them, sell them, and care for them. Most importantly it means that there’s a home away from home for everyone.

This business provides both long term and short term accommodation opportunities to tourists and business travelers alike, it even opens its doors to people who for any reason might find themselves in between homes and/or adventures. This vastness in business makes it a wonderful collaborative space for people from all around the world, and as an alternative accommodations provider, we’re acutely aware of the importance to provide quality services and one of a kind business to both our guests and partner.

Not only do we own apartments that we rent out, but we also work diligently with landlords and professional hosts to help provide a safe and reliable business. For the past 10 years, we’ve worked with a talented group of professionals to become the preferred furnished rental apartments for professionals and tourists in the Jersey City, Hoboken, and Miami areas. Through hard work and dedication, we have taken a simple idea and built a safe and reliable network of apartments to host people from all around the world.

We have also partnered with other professionals such as Airbnb to expand our reach and make sure our guests feel comfortable both inside our apartments and with us as a company. Being part of a relatively new industry means we know the importance of being a reliable business and we work tirelessly to improve our customer’s journey one detail at the time.

Furthermore, we understand the need to collaborate with those looking to incorporate short term rentals into their business. As a result, Dharma has built a separate part of the business to constantly support the local alternative accommodations market and help build a strong network of local apartments in the New York Metro and Miami areas. We make sure to provide any support needed to incorporate and/or manage short term rentals and help build local short term and long term rentals.

Learning what makes great alternative accommodations means understanding the collaborative nature of the industry and we’ve seen it’s more than just hospitality; it’s helping to shape the industry by providing both upscale short/long term rentals, and helping our peers do the same.

For more information on how Dharma can help you start your short term rental business click here.

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