All The Places Dharma Hospitality Went

All The Places Dharma Hospitality Went

Happy Holidays from the Dharma Team. 2019 has come and gone and we’re here to recount all the wonderful places we went this year. Dharma Hospitality Solutions officially launched and attended several industry events to help network with our industry peers.

This is where we went and what we learned!


Maximize 2019 was the first conference Dharma Hospitality Solutions attended in 2019. We attended this conference with our partners (Samsung SD), where we showcased the Dharma Home Suites Brand and how we’re incorporating keyless entry for our upscale furnished apartments.

Furthermore, this conference was a great opportunity for our friends and peers to explore our management services and discuss the future of the Dharma Group.

Being able to have one-on-one appointments with attendees helped provide key insights on where the market is going and how we can help bring our best foot forward.


The Flexible Investment Conference in San Francisco was a great look into our West Coast peers. The capital-focused presentations posed important questions to all key players, in an attempt to motivate solution-based conversation among all attendees.
Our team took the opportunity to add to the conversation of short-term rentals as a flexible rental option for multifamily buildings in the market throughout. Using the Dharma HomeSuites Brand as the well known furnished apartment brand that can help build a reliable network of renters and a trustworthy partner for building owners and managers.


The Multifamily Executive Conference in Las Vegas granted all attendees the opportunity to take a deep dive into all phases of the industry. From interesting investment companies to local hospitality brands, this event allowed all a diverse group of market players to share important findings and goals for upcoming years. Moreover, there was a great opportunity to network with the local community and how it’s managing short term rentals in the city. Attending this conference allowed the Dharma Hospitality team to engage with new industry players, learn of interesting new projects, and plan for a better future in the market.

Multifamily Leadership Summit

Diane Batayeh – President of Village Green and Alex O’Brien – CEO of Cardinal Group
The Multifamily Leadership Summit in Scottsdale provided an interesting look into various aspects of leadership within the industry. Since it wasn’t specifically geared towards the short-term rental world, it provided Dharma a great avenue to speak to large management companies, landlords, and vendors alike about our emerging industry. New technological advances in the management world were the center point of the summit; with pitches and offering from LG, LuxorOne, and others showcasing how the multifamily world needs to adapt to the rapid tech demands of the market. Some great contacts were made and we’ve received responses from multiple properties around the country who have shown interest in our short-term management program and are eager to learn more!

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