Corporate Housing Books, Entrepreneurial TED TALKS, And Inspiration For New Business Professionals

Corporate Housing Books, Entrepreneurial TED TALKS, and Inspiration for New Business Professionals

Are you scouring the Internet looking for more information of corporate housing? Or perhaps how to begin a business? And maybe you’re even in need of an inspiration boost to help you brainstorm through the day! Well look no further because at Dharma Home Suites , we want to help you succeed in the corporate world! That’s exactly why we put together this list of resources for you to take full advantage of.

Books that’ll help you fully understand corporate housing and furnished rentals

The Corporate Housing Handbook by Kimberly A. Smith:

In this handy corporate housing guide you’ll have all of your frequently asked questions, involving furnished apartments, answered. For example, in it Kimberly speaks about the CHBO, as well as, explains more details about the industry of corporate housing. To learn more click here to view her book on Amazon.

The Complete Guide to Purchasing a Condo, Townhouse, or Apartment by Susan Smith Alvis:

Although this book is similar to the Corporate Housing Handbook in that it gives you advice on obtaining a rental investment, it differs in that it does not specifically talk about corporate housing. So if you’re looking to start off with something smaller then this book will be a little more helpful. That is until you become successful enough to get into the corporate housing industry.

Entrepreneurial Ted Talks that Explain the Challenges of Business

Women entrepreneurs, example not exception by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon:

Click here to watch this inspirational speech first of all! In this Ted Talks Lemmon delivers many valid points for why women are every bit as successful as men in the work place and on the front line of entrepreneurship. This is a talk worth watching whether you’re a male or female, so be sure that you take what you learn and apply it to your new business!

Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits by Navi Radjou:

Are you looking for ways to run an effective and efficient business? Then click here to watch this valuable lesson in how to use the most with what you have. In it Radjou will explain important principles on how to become more efficient, as well as, provide examples of other people and how they creatively become more efficient.

How Airbnb designs for trust by Joe Gebbia:

Airbnb stands as the perfect example of what can be done if you just design a business the right way. This company was founded on the hope and belief that people would be comfortable enough to let strangers stay a night or two. If someone trusts your company that much, well you pretty much have all their trust at that point!

Be sure to look into these books, Ted Talks, and other sources in order to create a diversified and informed business strategy.

Other inspirational ideas for those looking to enter corporate housing or become an entrepreneur
of any type

There are numerous resources all over the Internet and of course it all depends on what you’re looking to improve for your business. Perhaps you want your furnished rentals to be a little more creative looking, check out sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Etsy for more creative ides and inspiration!

Last thoughts

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