Corporate Housing For Families Vs. Solo Travelers

Corporate Housing for Families vs. Solo Travelers

Alternative Accommodations and Corporate Housing, we know that both of these sound like something limited to the business world and the travel community that travels to conferences. While you aren’t wrong assuming that, there is also a lot more to corporate housing than business people, we’ve taken a look at our audience and have worked on provided for everyone. From traveling or relocating families to solo travelers soul searching or driving business Dharma Home Suites knows the alternative accommodations you need:

Family Travelers

Busy airports, 5 pieces of luggage, a crying baby, and a tired crew: travelling with family is not always easy so we know the importance of having enough space for everyone once you get to your accommodations. At Dharma we’ve specialized in meeting the needs of all our guests, and now more than ever there is a need for larger apartments that can provide commodity no just for one person but to several.

NYU and The Family Travel Association revealed in their 3rd Annual US Family Travel Survey that on average U.S. families book travels for a 4-6 nights. That same study revealed that on average the most important factors when booking family vacations are, best value, amenities, close proximity to attractions, kid-friendly environments, and free wifi.

The key to winning at the accommodations game is being to provide all of these and more to travelling families, for example: A three bedroom apartment , close to public transportation, close to the community park, supermarket and comfortable living spaces:

Solo Travelers

Lets flip the coin: instead of large number of family members and luggage it’s just you. You’ve been planning this trip for a while and need to find the perfect balance between having a place that feels like the laidback studio of your dreams, with the comfort of a local hotel.

Making sure you’re comfortable is key to having a successful travel experience and what better way to achieve that then staying in something bigger than a hotel room? Planning ahead and having a place where you don’t have to depend on others is one less worry. The flexibility provided by alternative accommodations lets you keep the independence and comfort of feeling like you’re in a home with the perks of staying in a luxury apartment.

Alternative accommodations and corporate housing are not limited, the only limit is the one you implement. From large three bedroom apartments to studios that make short solo trips feel comfortable let Dharma Home Suites provide you with the high-end luxury comfort for you and your own.

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