Corporate Housing Guests Have Many Options For Relaxing Getaways In New Jersey And New York

Corporate Housing Guests Have Many Options for Relaxing Getaways in New Jersey and New York

Whatever you’re looking for and whatever it takes for you to relax is offered a short drive away from anywhere in New Jersey and New York. Let’s say you happen to be staying in one of Dharma Home Suites’ furnished apartments . Now let’s say you want to relax in a day spa, perhaps play a round of golf, of even enjoy a dance festival, well all of that can be accomplished with one of the four locations listed below!

Woodcliff Hotel and Spa

Address: 199 Woodcliff Dr. Fairport, New York


This hotel and spa resort is an especially good choice if you happen to be travelling or visiting someone special. Enjoy a weekend of swimming in pools, dining at the Horizon restaurant, and spa treatments!

Land’s End Inn in Provincetown

Address: 22 Commercial St. Provincetown, Massachusetts


Another excellent choice if you’re a travelling couple or simply looking for a scenic getaway the Land’s End Inn will not disappoint! There are continental breakfasts to enjoy, bicycle rides to experience, and of course laughs to be shared.

Bungalow Hotel

Address: 50 Laird St, Long Branch, New Jersey


If you’re looking for a break from the big concrete business world and just want to experience top-notch luxury. Luxury that is one step above the corporate housing that Dharma Home Suites or any other corporate housing company can provide. Luxury like, next to the beach so you can enjoy surfing, state of the art electronics for entertainment, and special packages such as, wine & dine, early bird, love birds, and others!

Moonrise Festival

For those of you who are looking to relax by letting go of everything and dancing the night away, make sure you check out music festivals such as the Moonrise Festival ! Although it’s a bit of a ride to Maryland it would be worth it to see famous artists like Zedd, Bassnectar, Gramatik, and so much more! Take a break from your busy business trip and create a corporate housing experience that you’ll remember by enjoying all that the area has to offer you!

Final Thoughts From Dharma Home Suites

We want you to not only be a productive professional but a relaxed human being. That’s why Dharma Home Suites encourages our corporate housing guests, and all guests for that matter, to take this opportunity to create memories and have new experiences! Get some culture! Just because you’re on a business trip doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!!!

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