Dharma Home Suites Answers 6 Questions About Corporate Housing

Dharma Home Suites answers 6 questions about corporate housing

Not surprisingly, people have a lot of questions regarding corporate housing . That’s exactly why Dharma Home Suites is writing this article with hope that it’ll be useful to anyone experiencing difficulties during a business trip. Enjoy!

1. How long is a “short-term stay” and is there a limit?

Normally, a short-term stay in a furnished apartment does require a minimum stay of 30 days. However, there have been exceptions when people get to stay shorter time than that and even instances of people staying longer than a year. Many corporate housing companies , including us at Dharma Home Suites, want to be as accommodating as possible. You are our guest, not just a customer.

2. Why is corporate housing better than hotels?

Hotels are actually good to stay at for a day to a few days. But since they have a higher turnover rate their day-to-day rates are actually more expensive and you get fewer accommodations. That’s exactly why there is a one-month minimum with Dharma Home Suites. That way for a lengthy business trip you’ll be more economical and comfortable.

3. What’s the common size for a furnished apartment?

Dharma Home Suites, as well as many other corporate housing companies, have furnished apartments ranging from studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms, and even 3 bedrooms. If you and a couple coworkers are travelling together on a business trip you’ll save a lot more money getting a 3 bedroom and still have plenty of space!

4. Are there any red flags I should look for while renting?

Fortunately, due the increase in demand, most corporate housing companies you find will be authentic. However, it’s always wise to choose a Corporate Housing Provider Association (CHPA) certified company. Also, be sure that you read your short-term lease agreement and to sign.

5. What standards do corporate housing providers have to meet?

Since corporate housing guests expect a luxurious and comfortable stay, corporate housing companies are expected to go above and beyond expectations. As I said, choosing a CHPA certified company, like Dharma Home Suites is a wise choice since, in order to achieve that, we had to meet criteria that included, having a clean record with the CHPA, meets their “code of ethics,” the requirement that an executive holds a CCHP certification, and many more. Click here to view the CHPA’s full list of criteria .

6. Should I do more research and if so where do I find corporate housing information?

Yes, you should definitely compare rates, amenities, locations, and reviews of multiple corporate housing companies. First, if you’re brand new to corporate housing or if you want to learn more about corporate housing, visit the official CHPA website . Visit Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) in order to further determine the quality of furnished apartments.

Of course, if you have any questions specifically for Dharma Home Suites you can either visit our FAQs page or contact one of our very capable agents .

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