Dharma Home Suites Experience In Miami Beach

Dharma Home Suites Experience in Miami Beach

Planning a trip to Miami Beach for business? It’s always good to do research on cities before you visit so that you can create a game plan of places to visit and things to do during your corporate housing experience. Lucky for you the Dharma Home Suites staff has already done plenty of research. Without further ado we present a variety of things to do in Miami Beach during your corporate housing visit.

Which restaurants are of quality in Miami Beach?

Scarpetta : Award winning restaurant? Check. Amazing Italian fine dining? Check. View of the ocean? Check. All of these checks definitely make Scarpetta an amazing Miami Beach restaurant. However, what matters is the food of course, so what is there to eat anyways? Prepare yourself, your mouth is going to start salivating.

  • Raw Yellowtail
  • Mediterranean Octopus
  • Tagliatelle
  • Honey Spiced Long Island Duck
  • Marble Potatos
And much more. Click here to see their Miami Beach menu and information .

Blade Sushi: Much like Italian food, Sushi is always a staple option for fine dining in Miami Beach and any other major city for that matter. The best Sushi in town is prepared on the countertops at Blade . However, be prepared for this place because, you’re going to need to schedule reservations at least a day in advance. Once you have that you’ll be able to look forward to either a 7 or a 9-course dinner! That’s right 7 or 9 courses of delicious Japanese styled cuisine.

What to do in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach Boardwalk: Ready to experience four miles of awesome? Get out of your furnished apartment and take a nice stroll on the Miami Beach Boardwalk! First off, obviously you get to enjoy the beach being right there. Second, the boardwalk intersects the famous Lincoln St., which is a street full of awesome shops to explore. The Miami Beach Boardwalk is also an especially good jog route. For more exercise tips for corporate housing guests click here.

Miami Beach Convention Center: The Miami Beach Convention Center is another important location to remember, as you may visit it multiple times during corporate housing stay. Summer conventions include World Vapor Expo, Florida Supercon, SwimShow, and more. Click here to learn more about upcoming events and the Miami Beach Convention Center itself.

Miscellaneous tips for Miami Beach corporate housing guests.

Miami Beach Culture: The LGBTQ community and Cubans are the two most noticeably influential demographics in terms of Miami Beach’s culture. So expect lots of Spanish, lots of dancing, and plenty of good times to follow.

How to Save Money in Miami Beach:

  • Plan to do activities on weekdays since weekends they’re typically more expensive.
  • Enjoy the outdoors! There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Miami Beach!

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