Dharma Home Suites Tackles New Management Business

Jun 18
 Dharma Home Suites is a leader in providing high-end short-term accommodations to travelers and we are taking the next step in providing luxury experiences to our clients. We are working with Airbnb and have become a Professional Co-host as well as incorporated our first ever Airbnb Friendly Building.

Professional Co-host

We’re bringing our expertise to the table to smooth the path towards creating a seamless interaction between guest and host. This professional move comes from both our experience as a Pro-host and new Airbnb innovations for seamless alternative accommodations management.

Our responsibility in this new role isn’t just about being a Co-host but also enforcing all the positive hospitality customs that earned us the badge of Superhost. We achieved this by earning 4.8+ overall ratings, a 90% response rate, 8+ years active on the site, and most importantly offering reliable services to our guests.

Being a Professional Co-host means we strive to fortify gratifying and one-of-a-kind experiences between host and guest. This program is all about making hospitality an easier venture for all parties involved.

But what does a Co-Host do?

A Co-host serves as a second identity for either building owners or apartment owners & renters. This allows apartment owners and renters alike to expand their business opportunities in a safe and legal environment. Our management services includes but are not limited to:

  • Creating a professional web listing for your unit.
  • Getting you responsible renters at the best price.
  • Maintaining your unit’s cleanliness and quality.
  • Providing transparency into rental activity.
  • Provide in-stay management
  • Respond to any guests inquiries
  • Handle reservations and cancellations
  • Getting the home ready for guests
  • Ensuring all your confidential information is secure.
  • Restock essential supplies

We want our guests to know that we are as committed to help them as we are our co-hosts, and will provide only the best experiences for those traveling and staying with us. Being a Professional Co-host provides us with the opportunity to erase the negative parts of hosting and improve guest stay from the moment they look to find our listing.

In a recent article, Brian Chesky said, Airbnb is looking “to empower a host-led world with some substantial improvements to our service that set us up for an infinite time horizon.” Dharma is here to follow through and help chart that future.

By working together, we are building a stronger community within the accommodations world, and paving the road towards future partnership successes.

Airbnb Friendly Building

The corporate travel industry continues its steady growth throughout the country and with it, an increase in demand for luxurious and comfortable accommodations.

Our apartments in 1101 Grand will provide travelers with luxury and comfort, while being in one of the New York Area’s top neighborhoods. Dharma Home Suites’ professional management services will open a new window of opportunities through a smooth short-term rental process, usually less than a year.

What is an Airbnb Friendly Building?

  • We work with building stakeholders to create specific rules that work for everyone, which includes building owners, renters, and/or hosts
  • Make necessary updates to leases and any other agreements necessary for smooth hosting by renters and easy stays for guests
  • Aid landlords, residents, and a Management team that is dedicated to short-term guests and hosts

Building owners looking to attract progressive mobile individuals through Airbnb friendly policies and services will increasingly benefit from Dharma’s new professional rental solution service.

“The high-end accommodations in 1101 Grand will provide travelers with the opportunity of being in a top family neighborhood surrounded by green areas, trendy restaurants and conveniently located grocery stores”, says Dharma Home Suites CEO, Toivo Halvorsen.

“The accommodations in this high-end building have been carefully selected to provide travelers with a truly upscale home-away-from-home experience. The space in our 1101 Grand apartments is invaluable, in New York space is a luxury but in Dharma Home Suites 1101 Grand Hoboken you are able to get all the space you want while staying in state of the art apartments”.

Airbnb-Friendly Building program states, “ you can establish home sharing terms for participating residents in your lease addendum or building rules document. You can provide guidelines regarding the use of common spaces and other building-related agreements, and these guidelines will be featured on the Airbnb listing pages of participating hosts. Guests will be asked to accept these rules before reservation is confirmed.” Airbnb.

We want our guests to know that we are committed to helping them have only the best experiences while traveling. The experience between host and guest can be a stress for both parties involved so we are bringing our expertise to the table to smooth the road towards creating a strong accommodations community. The constant strive towards a highly functional, seamless, high-end alternative accommodations market.

A Home-sharing Economy

Coming from a shift where we are now concentrating on the specialized features of an economy that is straying from a traditional business approach and transitioning into one that collaborates, facilitates, and builds trust between all parties involved.

Airbnb’s David Holyoke, Global Head of Business Travel, points out that those managing corporate travel should really look at the “home-sharing economy as an in-demand-sub-sector” of the more traditional accommodations industry.

Staying in hotel rooms with uniform surroundings, in busy cities does not have to be the norm for travelers anymore. By offering apartments with comfortable amenities in key locations in the New York Metro Area we offer our guests not just magnificent views but unforgettable experiences in the comfort of a home.

Our co-host status means both Airbnb and Dharma will provide you with the support you need to make your stay with us a true home-away-from-home experience. Our Airbnb Friendly building means the opportunities are limitless.

Final Words

Dharma is excited to be part of an opportunity where: residents comply with home sharing regulations; building owners as well as residents share earnings from every reservation; and residents, Dharma staff and/or business partners follow building guidelines.

It all comes together to create a legal, safe, and profitable business venture.

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