Dharma Making: Short Term Rentals A Long Term Thing

Dharma Making: Short Term Rentals a Long Term Thing

Leaving for a month long vacation? Looking to help traveling tenants? Want to earn extra cash while you travel? Looking to embrace temporary housing?

The answer to your questions? Dharma Home Suites’ Management Team.

Welcome to the newest accommodations solution provider for both tenants and building owners. With the recent launch of our first ever Airbnb Friendly building and announcement of our professional co-host status came the opening of our management business.

We pride ourselves in providing our guests with quality homes and experiences during their trips, and now we’re excited about providing residents in upscale apartments with the perfect short-term rental solutions while they’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Dharma’s management services divide into services for building owners, management for tenants, and partnering with building owners or managers interested in turning their property into an Airbnb-Friendly Building. Equally important and vital for the business, we offer services vouched by our status as professional co-hosts on Airbnb and provide positive renting solutions to everyone exploring hosting.

Building Owners: Looking to allow short term rentals in your building?

For building owners looking to open their doors to short term rentals, Dharma is the partner you’ve been waiting for. Once you allow short term rentals in your building Dharma can provide for you a controlled atmosphere for residents renting out their apartments, ensure you have professional on-demand tenant and customer services, as well as quality turnkey rental management services.

Allowing short term rentals in your apartment building is the next step towards welcoming high income individuals in the top cities of the East Coast. By granting permission to your tenants you are opening your doors towards higher income individuals allowing rentals to have a long term positive financial impact on your net operating income.

We’ll keep your resident’s apartment safe, our professional housekeeping staff and property managers can ensure nothing will be stolen and there is proper management of apartment keys or codes. We will also ensure that you, the building owner, get comprehensive reports on the time spans apartments are being rented for; providing an added layer of control on the asserted amount of days apartments can be rented out.

Dharma’s experience in the alternative accommodations market means we can provide industry insight and proven guest acquisition tactics and top class customer services. All supported by a 24×7 guest helpline, and a clear communication venue between host, co-host, and guest.

Picture this:

The building where Steve works has been considering allowing short term rentals but has not found a good solution for time control, they’re worried their tenants will rent out their apartments longer than they allow – which is 30 days per year.

Dharma: We understand you’re building’s worries Steve and we’re here to tell you this problem has an easy fix, Dharma makes a commitment to apartment buildings to provide detailed reports on what units are being rented out and for how long. Making sure you’re tenants don’t go past your limit of days.

Mark manages a building in the Hoboken area, they’re looking into ways to attract high income millennials and young professionals into their building.

Dharma: Mark, we know all about working professionals, we host them on a daily basis and our assertion to you is opening your apartment doors for short term rentals gives you the opportunity to increase rent, by targeting higher income professionals, and therefore improving your NOI.

Julia has been put in charge of finding a partner to make the building she works at (which is Airbnb Friendly), ready for residents to start finding guests.

Dharma: We’re here for you Julia, we’ll bring professional housekeepers to clean out and maintain the apartments, we will provide you with comprehensive reports on the day residents rent their units, and we’ll make sure all keys are picked up and delivered safely.

Dharma Home Suites: Happy People, Quality Service

Tenants Looking to join the hosting world while you travel?

For hosts looking to earn extra income from their furnished properties, Dharma can help you get responsible guests at the best rates, and/or enhance your guest’s experience and your peace of mind.

Living in an apartment building that allows short term rentals is an opportunity the equivalent of a gold mine. We’re here to help you mine this opportunity and make sure that this business is fruitful for you, your family, and your future.

Our guests acquisition tactics come from 10 years of experience in the market. Your vision is our vision and we can be as involved as you wish. Dharma can create a Professional Co-Host listing on Airbnb, we constantly check and update its availability, pricing and requests; making sure you’re calendar is always up to date and ensuring your prospects have all the information they need without a hitch.

We can also handle potential guest and manage reservations, making sure all postings and rentals are legal, meeting building requirements, and most importantly meeting your financial vision, needs, and goals.

Additionally we have available our 24×7 customer services helpline, run by trained and dedicated Dharma representatives. We know the importance of being available at all times, that’s why Dharma’s professional call center staff is at the ready, and constantly coordinates with building management on maintenance or other issues to make sure you’re listing is fruitful at all times.

Picture this:

Justin rents out his apartment on Airbnb during his vacation. While he’s away the guest is locked out:

Dharma: Justin, no worries we are committed to providing full on-site guest management services and will coordinate with building management on getting your guest back into the apartment.

Chris is suddenly called out of town, with the update calendar he gets a new reservation with the guest arriving the next day except; he forgot to clean out his living room and kitchen.

Dharma: Fret not Chris, Dharma will ensure your apartment is cleaned and ready for your new guest before they arrive.

Alex doesn’t want to deal with short term rentals by herself but she travels a lot and could use the extra cash.

Dharma: We’re here for your Alex, all reservations are handled by Dharma including price management and scheduling; removing the stress and ensuring success.

Short term rentals can be the solution to many of your problems, from turning you apartment building into an airbnb-friendly facility; to helping you finance a trip to the Philippines. Dharma is here to help address your dreams, goals, and plans, we’re here to help you achieve them and make sure it’s done in a safe and responsible atmosphere.

Dharma, Professional rental solutions from an experienced industry leader. Making short term rentals a long term thing.

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