Exploring The World Of Dharma

Exploring The World Of Dharma

Let’s talk about Dharma, where your comfort and happiness is our top priority. Throughout the years we have perfected our approach to customer services and work tirelessly to consistently provide safe and comfortable homes to all our guests. From our newly implemented guest central website & suite information to the launch of our very own green cleaning services, we’re here to make sure our local community gets the best services we can offer. Beyond ensuring our guests have the best home away from home experience, we work on providing our partners with a reliable business model that can help grow their place in the accommodations world. As experienced industry leaders we bring the best of our strategies to share and improve the life of guests and partners alike.

Dharma Home Suites

Built on the foundations of great and affordable corporate housing, Dharma Home Suites manages upscale apartments located in amenity-friendly buildings in the best parts of town .Our apartments are specially designed to follow Feng Shui principles and rules – allowing for maximum comfort, zero-clutter, and most importantly positive energy. Following these principles are also our environmentally friendly cleaning methods, we use non-toxic materials for all of our cleanings and ensure that our housekeeping professionals are trained in eco-friendly practices. These principles allow us to give our guests an extraordinary experience which follows through to our corporate world. Committed to the growth of our local communities we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and neighborhoods alike, from ensuring our apartments are a safe option to all our guests to helping other buildings provide similar services.


Dharma’s management provides services for building owners, management for tenants, and partnerships with building owners/managers interested in turning their property into an Airbnb-Friendly Building. Equally important and vital for the business, we offer services vouched by our status as professional co-hosts on Airbnb and provide positive renting solutions to everyone exploring hosting. We want our guests to know that we are committed to help them have only the best experiences while traveling. The experience between host and guest can be stressful for both parties involved so we are bringing our expertise to the table to smooth the road towards creating a strong accommodations community.

Dharma Green

Welcome to hospitality-grade, eco-friendly housekeeping brought to you by an experienced industry leader. From the many years as a unique alternative accommodations company Dharma Home Suites created Dharma Green based on the need from our local community. Dharma Green’s housekeeping services are all about improving your quality of life by keeping your living space clean and comfortable; through the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods. We service the Greater NYC area, including but not limited to New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken and a few other towns/cities. As well as, the Miami Metropolitan area Miami, and Miami Beach among other surrounding towns and neighborhoods. We provide exemplary service for high-quality living, our expertise, beliefs, and environmentally conscious approach make Dharma Green a one of a kind business. Providing the local community with the best cleaning services and positive housekeeping experience, is just the Dharma way.

At Dharma we’re a well-rounded company run by experienced industry experts looking to share our services and talents with the world, explore the world of Dharma and find how we can make your life easier today.

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