Finding Your Next Corporate Housing

Finding Your Next Corporate Housing

Don’t let looking for your lodgings become a difficult chore, we’re here to give you our tips and tricks on efficiently finding the best corporate housing for your next business trip.

Booking flights, setting up out of office, and packing are just a few things in your to-do list before you leave for that important meeting across the country.Add that to the fact that you’ll be staying for 30 days or more and the stress levels can peak, so make sure your new place meets both you and your company’s expectations. Here are a few tips and tricks on what to watch out for when you’re looking for your next temporary housing and the questions you should be asking yourself to make your next business trip feel more like a vacation than work:


  • It sounds basic, it sounds obvious, but there is nothing more important than making sure that you’re looking at the right neighborhood for you. Figure out your commute , timing is essential in business travel and convenient locations should be at the top of your list. Plan ahead , if cooking isn’t your forte or if you know you have to do some last minute errands before going to the office; play around with the map, check for the nearest supermarket, convenience store, and gas station.
  • Ask yourself, does this company have properties in other cities I visit? Going the extra mile can be a game changer for you and your company. Staying on top of the companies that already meet your location requirements is a huge plus for more than the obvious time saving, but also to create a relationship with a company that can meet your needs in the future.


  • Business travel means representing your company and it’s in the little things that we can make huge differences between ourselves and others. So keep you and your company’s best interest at hand. If your company is strong in the environmental side, look for a temporary lodging company that stands for the same things as yours. More and more companies are starting to get on board with the green movement and there is no reason that you should have to change your support on environmentally friendly companies just because you aren’t familiar with them. For example, at Dharma we provide green cleaning services as part of our commitment to the environment and while not as complex as having buildings with solar energy, our vision is to share more than just our business but our hearts too.


You don’t have to be an expert in housing in order to make sure you choose a highly professional company, one of the easier and effective ways of finding that out is by looking at their accreditations. The CHPA (Corporate Housing Provider’s Association) partners and works memberships with many professional corporate housing companies to ensure that audience members get the best services available. Accreditations immediately tell you that whatever company you’re looking at is being held up to high customer, business, and ethical standards.

Taking a look at their partners goes hand in hand with accreditations; most of the time you’ll also find them close together. You should approach this with an open mind and see it like a business transaction, let the company’s presentation (online or in-person) address your needs.

Comfort & Communication

  • The company’s network should build confidence in you, this includes their reviews, social media, and even their blog. This gives you an idea of the company voice and their strengths, some might be more geared towards tourist, some to businesses, while others are right in the middle. Find the one that makes you feel comfortable, secure, and ready to take on your next challenge.
  • Finding the right amenities to fit your needs might be last on this list but is certainly not the least important. Most people think of amenities as pools, decks, and free cable TV but don’t forget to look a little closer and see if they boast good wifi, have a coffee machine (for those of you early risers), and washer and dryer in unit. Comfort comes in many shapes and sizes but amenities can definitely make it easier to settle in.
So if you’re in the market for a temporary home for your next assignment look into your ideal location, shared vision, professional relationship, and future comfort . Don’t forget, the best way to enjoy your next business travel is taking the time looking for high-end comfortable living and moving into your optimal #homeawayfromhome.

Dharma Home Suites provides one-of-a-kind, temporary housing solutions by way of short-term, fully furnished accommodations in upscale, amenity buildings in Miami, New York and New Jersey. We deliver a local living experience that makes all the difference. Sleep deeper, work better, heal faster, stress less and live more.

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