Happy People, Quality Service

Happy People, Quality Service

Welcome to Dharma Home Suites,

Luxury apartments located in the top cities on the East Coast, from the sunny beaches of Miami to the modern streets of Hoboken and Jersey City. We’re here to tell you that feeling at home while traveling has never been easier.

How? The Dharma Experience, a combination of worldly beliefs brought together by an eclectic team of hospitality and management experts working to make our high-end accommodations your ideal temporary lodging solution.

Our History

Born from the success of a small studio a few blocks away from Time Square, Dharma Home Suites has been run by Eunju Kim Halvorsen and Toivo Halvorsen since 2008. Having seen the success of their studio and the opportunity to provide one of a kind hospitality, the couple built an accommodations rental businesses that focused on creating positive ripples of continuous growth. From customers and employees to partners and competitors; Dharma was built to be a source of comfort and positivity to make the world your home.


Our holistic approach to hospitality brings great responsibility to the Dharma team, and we make sure that guests and partners alike benefit from our sustainable and worldly business.

Our apartments are specially designed to follow Feng Shui placing and rules – allowing for maximum comfort, zero-clutter, and most importantly positive energy. Following these principles are also our environmentally friendly cleaning methods, we use non-toxic materials for all of our cleanings and ensure that our housekeeping professionals are trained in eco-friendly practices. These principles allow us to give our guests an extraordinary experience which follows through to our corporate world.

Inside of the core of the Dharma business model lay “Kaizen” foundations, originated from the Japanese word for “improvement” Kaizen represent continuous improvement in all functions. Our goal in following these foundations goes beyond any surface positivity, we look to eliminate any waste, boost productivity, constantly encourage our workers, and promote innovation both inside and outside of our suites.

Since 2008 Dharma has been in a constant rise to better its home cities and ensuring all travelers receive top of the line services, and this past summer we introduced new ways to help hosts, guests, and partners alike.

The Future

Looking ahead we see our path clearly: through innovative new business ideas, we will create a safe and reliable business for guests and hosts alike. We recently launched our rental management business, created and run to help fulfill dreams, financial loads, and help others have a truly gratifying home-away-from-home experience. Being incorporated for the first time in our Airbnb Friendly building located in Hoboken, New Jersey our company has expanded towards a business that does more than host your trip, it helps you become a host too.

Our status as professional Airbnb Co-hosts allows us to help you become a top host and maintain the comfort and cleanliness of your home. From managing your listings to ensuring your apartment is clean before your guest arrives Dharma is ready to help you set aside money for that Thailand trip you’ve always wanted. If you happen to work for an apartment building in one of our key areas we can help you too! We know the importance of rentals and we understand any hesitancy towards opening apartment doors but we’re here to be the path you always needed. Our promise to you is simple: management services that ensure safe, compliant and hassle-free short-term rentals.

Final Words

Simply put, the Dharma Experience is staying in an apartment that allows you to relax as if you were in your own home, open the doors to the world of hosting and economic growth, and the comfort of picking a company that provides sustainable quality services that provide for the greater good.

Welcome to Dharma Home Suites,

Welcome Home.

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