Historically Significant Facts About Jersey City

Historically significant facts about Jersey City

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1787 New Jersey becomes a state
1789 New Jersey’s the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights
1838 Jersey City is incorporated

New Jersey is an aged, industrial leader boasting titles like being the largest chemical maker in the nation. They have the densest conglomerate of highway, road, and underground transit systems. There’s no shortage of things to do, malls to shop, museum to visit, and more in Jersey City.

Points of Interest

Liberty state park & Ellis Island

Relax on the green with a view of the Liberty Statue. Or tour over to see Ellis Island, a former major port for immigration entry. Jersey City has been around for a while, so history teems from the streets.

Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse

All the convenience of the Hudson and Manhattan railroad line between New Jersey and New York can be thanked to the making of the powerhouse in 1908. Check it out during down time from all the business in the day.

Museum of Russian Art

The museum was founded in 1980 to preserve and educate the populace of Russian culture and community. See what history sounds like from other people. It can bring perspective to your own professional and personal life.

Liberty National Golf Course

Enjoy a day out on the green during your business trip. Take in the scene; it was chosen for the view to become a spot of serenity for everyone in the future. The facility provides membership perks and access to Jersey City’s piece of historical land.

Remember the next corporate trip you make to Jersey City that there’s so much to do outside your room. Speaking of which, think of Dharma Home Suites the next time you have corporate housing needs . We hope this article taught you a thing or two about Jersey City.

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