How Dharma Helps Professionals Find Furnished Apartments In Miami And New York

How Dharma Helps Professionals Find Furnished Apartments in Miami and New York

Dharma Home Suites uses multiple resources for furnished apartment discovery. After all, we want to ensure that as many professionals can experience our quality services and accommodations. Our furnished apartments originated in New York and Miami. Now we have even spread out to Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington D.C. It’s all because of our hard working staff and loyal guests that assist new professionals in finding out about us.

SEO and Online Marketing

We have most dedicated ourselves to marketing our corporate housing services online. Seeing as this is the new technological age and people spend a lot more time on a computer then watching a TV or looking at billboards we saw this strategy to be most effective. Luckily, we were right. From first hand experience we can personally vouch for SEO and its positive influence on increasing our market.

Through the use of multiple online marketing strategies we have developed several ways to help professionals find furnished apartments. Such strategies include:

  • Content Marketing such as blogs: This allows our current and new guests to find information regarding the cities they are looking at temporarily staying at, the advantages of corporate housing over hotels, and other useful tips.
  • Google Adwords: Thus ensuring that our brand, “Dharma Home Suites,” is viewed by those who looking to find corporate housing and furnished apartment in Miami or New York . We are also currently looking to spend some time and money on Innovative Adwords automation with PPCnerd scripts to make the most of the statistics we gain from our Google Ads. They will allow us to identify trends and issues with our ads meaning we can grow our business effectively.
  • Backlinking: Backlinking is a strategy that allows us to connect and network with fellow professionals in the industry.
Social Media

Of course social media has to play a big part in how we help professionals find furnished apartments. Everyone enjoys scrolling through Facebook or creating witty Tweets. In knowing this, Dharma Home Suites has worked hard to ensure we can personally communicate with our current and new guests. This is also the main venue we use to share our blogs. Furthermore, from time to time, we will even post promotions and discounted rates, so be sure to keep your eye out. It might just save you a buck!

Related Industry Sites

Dharma Home Suites has the goal of reaching #1 on Google for various keywords. Obviously this is a hard task when competing with such corporate giants. However, we believe that our quality service speaks for itself. Other related industry sites think so too. With the help of sites such as,, and, we are capable of efficiently reaching an even larger audience that if we were on our own.


An overall theme of all our strategies is networking. In order to accomplish both networking and improving our own quality of service, the owner of Dharma Home Suites, Toivo Halvorsen , often attends conferences. In particular he makes the annual CHPA ( Corporate Housing Providers Association ) a priority, because it provides extensive knowledge of the industry and allows us to further assist professionals in finding furnished apartments.

Corporate Housing is a large, up and coming industry. At Dharma Home Suites, we aim to set the bar for what to expect from this new industry. If ever in doubt, browse around our site or check out our blog to learn even more and how we can meet your needs to have a home away from home!

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