How To Build Healthy Guest Relationships In The Corporate Housing Industry

How to build healthy guest relationships in the Corporate Housing Industry

Why should you be interested in building healthy guest relationships for your business? Because satisfied and happy guests are more likely to come back, and keep on coming back! They maybe even freely advertise for you bringing in their friends and family, or other people impressed by their belief in your products or services. To help you build your loyal guest fan base, Dharma Home Suites presents ‘How to Build Amazing Guest Relationships.’

Fast, Friendly & Reliable Corporate Housing Service

One sure fire way to ruin guest relationships is to treat them as anything less than the valued guests they are. Brusque or inattentive front desk service, or incomplete and unclean room service, or untimely responses to room service and room maintenance requests are all ways to ruin a guest relationship by tarnishing their thoughts of the quality of your services. Hold your staff to standards, and motivate them to deliver fast, friendly service that’ll be sure to leave a good impression.

Strive for Quality & Beyond When Renting Furnished Apartments

Even with fast and friendly service, guests won’t think twice about returning if the quality of your product or service does not meet their expectations. Check in with competitors and what services and goods they offer compared to you. Go above and beyond that! Use tasteful and practical decorations or fixtures.

Whatever conditions or degree of use they may face, make sure furnishings, amenities, and all guest-interactive items are maintained or replaced as necessary. Guests will be more likely to return if they like what they have paid for and have their needs met with quality.

Network: Stay in Touch and Connect to Potential Clients or Associates

Stay in touch with guests, they are extensions of your network besides other similar businesses. Send emails, or mail pamphlets and brochures; even having a designed yet navigational website will help guests hear from you. You could send links for surveys requesting feedback or update them about ongoing deals, packages, or promotions for your business that they may be interested in.

Make it easier for them to know what is going on with your business, and maybe, just maybe they may be in need of your services again. Guests will always have you in the back of their mind if you keep your relationship with them warm even after they leave your business.

Invite Input in Order to Stimulate Creativity and Ingenuity

Your guests know what they want or what they expect for the amount they pay, so ask them if there’s anything they think is missing. Sometimes there may be ideas presented that could put you ahead of your competitors, or even be ideas you had never thought of before.

Asking for feedback shows guests you care about catering to their needs and wants to know what they thought of their experience with your business. Small giveaways like gift cards, or redeemable future credits can be used to encourage guest feedback or responses.

Reward Your Guests. If They’re Happy You’re Happy!

Once you’ve established a guest relationship, treasure it! Keep your guests interested in your business by giving them reasons to return or to recommend you to their own network. Reward frequent guests with discounts, giveaways, or upgrades, or exclusive member benefits and access to events or services and goods. Use automated machines or swipe cards to make it easy for you and them to keep track of how far they are along the reward track.

Be Accessible and Convenient for Corporate Housing Guests

Guests in need will use whatever communication method easiest for them. Having a working and checked landline, email and address will allow for guests to contact you for whatever reason. Inconvenience deters guests from wanting to repeat the experience.

In summation, treat your guests with respect, and give them friendly, quality service with rewards they’ll be eager to return for. We hope this article has been informational in helping you to build amazing guest relationships.

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