Interesting Facts About Washington D.C.

Interesting Facts About Washington D.C.

Washington D.C . is home to the nation’s capitol, the White House, many historic landmarks, and full of our nations’ history. Dharma Home Suites presents this article featuring interesting things about D.C., as well as cool things to check out if you’re ever visiting for business or pleasure.

Big Dates

July 16, 1790- D.C. becomes the seat of the United States government.

June 4, 1800- The White House is finished and houses the Adams

December 12, 1800- Washington D.C. is crowned the federal capital

February 27, 1801- Washington D.C. is under Congress jurisdiction

Did you know?

1) Two Presidents (Hoover and Adams) kept alligators in the White House.
2) D.C. residents drink more wine per capita than the other 50 states.
3) Washington Monument ran out of funding mid-project, and a new building source resulted in the monument becoming 2 colors.
4) There’s a crypt below the Capitol building.

Places of Interest

Smithsonian Institutions

The series of 19 museums was built to increase awareness and education of what’s around and makes up America. They also serve as research centers and have the title of world’s largest museum and research complex. Their goal is to preserve culture, shape the future with new discoveries, and getting people interested in the inter disciplinary nature of learning.

National Mall

Many a national park flanks this large promenade. There are memorials, sites, and monuments such as the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial located within the National Mall . Walk around to get the full tourist experience. The area is managed by the National Park Service.

International Spy Museum

This is a privately owned museum for the sole purpose of detailing the history, tradecrafts, and role of spies and spying. They feature large artifact galleries and aim to educate the public of espionage and intelligent gathering while making it meaningful in context with current and historic events.

United States Botanic Garden

A large glass-domed sanctuary for exotic plants and conservation efforts, this museum seeks to educate the public on the importance, and often irreplaceable aspects, of plants to the well being of humans and the ecosystem. They grow and display plants not commonly found in the wild, and practice conservation and public education programs.

Ford’s Theatre

The historic museum has been used since the 1860s. Unfortunately, the museum is best known for President Lincoln’s assassination. The theatre shares the American experience through theatre and education. There’s a partnership between the theatre and the National Park Service.

Unless you tried really hard, there’s never a moment of not being able to do anything in Washington D.C. If you ever happen to visit, consider Dharma Home Suites for a corporate visit. Many properties in D.C. flank major attractions that you’ve read about here. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

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