Keeping Track Of Fitness As A Corporate Professional

Keeping track of fitness as a corporate professional

Have you been wanting to jumpstart a new fitness regiment, but aren’t sure of how to go about it? If you answered yes, this article by the Dharma Home Suites professionals is just the read for you. We outline how to set yourself up for success so that your journey of a thousand steps is a littler easier to begin.

Baseline Beginnings for Corporate Professionals

What are you tracking if don’t know where you started? Take your pre-journey measurements, as they are relevant to you. Be it your weight, your waistline, your weekend eating out receipts, your week day lunch bills, or the number of minutes you spend being active, just find where you’re starting so you’ll know once you start if your fitness plan is working. It’s like being asked what business profits are for the year without knowing what the years’ starting numbers were.

Be a Goal-Getter

1) What: Make a reasonable goal for yourself that you know, you really can do. Write it down, save in in your head, or tell your friends; do whatever you need to do to encourage yourself to make your goal a reality. Try to be specific so that there’s a defined end point and not just another statement vague enough to excuse huge deviations. Examples might include: prepare and bring home made lunches 4 of the business days a week, work out for 20 minutes 2-3 times a week, or do one YouTube workout video a week.

2) When: When do you want the goal to be achieved by? Write down time blocks for when you’ll be working on achieving those goals to better visualize if the plan fits around your business workday or is within your energy level. Set reasonable goals for yourself so that you’re encouraged when achieving them, rather than discouraged by missing them. Examples could be: lose 10 lbs. in 2 months, or be able to run an uninterrupted mile by the end of the year.

3) Where: Note any important locations you’ll need to visit or go to along the way in achieving your goal. Getting a gym membership, or hitting up the local grocery store, or investing in a bike, or putting in time at home behind the stove, all might be places you’ll have to consider as part of the journey. For example, knowing you’d have to stock up on eggs every Sunday for breakfast eggs throughout the week would allow for you to plan accordingly. Setting new habits and sticking with them may be difficult at first, but after a few dedicated weeks, it may well become a new routine.

4) Why: Remind yourself of this when fatigue or laziness calls; remind yourself of this the next sore few days following a workout; remind yourself of why you are trying to achieve these goals when you’ve lost motivation. You are your biggest fan and harshest critic. Whatever reason you’re wanting to keep track of fitness as a professional, make it a reason you truly believe and are motivated by.

Calendars and Checklists

Some people may find it useful to write down how they’re going to achieve their goals. Writing down steps or plans on calendars or on checklists can help remind you everyday about what step you’re doing today or what activity you’re checking off the list. For instance, writing down which day of the week will be cardio day, or free weights day, or rest day, may help you stay on track to achieving your goals. Think of it like the planner with all your meetings and deadlines in it; now, add your fitness goals as they fit.

Promising Partners

If you need an extra leg up in getting started or tracking progress or staying on track, recruit someone you know will reliably help you stay on track. This person could be a coworker, a significant other, a gym mentor, just yourself, or even a group of people. Setting reminders in your phone or organizing groups with similar goals at the workplace for fitness-minded company may help you track and achieve your fitness goals as a business professional. Some people like the people-driven motivation.

Tech Trackers

For the technologically inclined, there are apps that help you track your fitness. Get a pedometer to count your steps in a day, or get the calorie counter to log your foods and their calorie equivalents, or get apps with workouts on the go. There are a plethora of apps available for phone and tablets of all kinds! Download the app, then all you have to do is remember to use it. Sworkit, CalorieCounter, Fit Notes Gym Work Out Log, Google Fit, NexTrack, and Fitocracy are a few Android and Applie apps available. Search for your right fit, for your app, for your best chance at tracking fitness in any setting.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you! Even if you do everything you can to track fitness or set yourself up to start your fitness regiment, none of it matters until you start. Dharma Home Suites wishes you well in starting your journey to a better you. From all of us at Dharma Home Suites , thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed, and be sure to subscribe for more useful information updated weekly!

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