Long Term Rentals With Dharma Home Suites

Long Term Rentals With Dharma Home Suites

In an innovative and relatively new industry, Dharma offers a variety of upscale apartments with a reliable service, 24/7 customer service and the most comfortable stay possible.

Built on the foundations of great and affordable corporate housing, Dharma Home Suites manages upscale apartments located in amenity-friendly buildings in the best parts of town . Our apartments are specially designed to follow Feng Shui principles and rules – allowing for maximum comfort, zero-clutter, and most importantly positive energy. Following these principles are also our environmentally friendly cleaning methods; we use non-toxic materials for all of our cleanings and ensure that our housekeeping professionals are trained in eco-friendly practices. These principles allow us to give our guests an extraordinary experience which follows through to our corporate world. Committed to the growth of our local communities we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and neighborhoods alike, from ensuring our apartments are a safe option to all our guests to helping other buildings provide similar services.

While alternative accommodations are commonly used for short term rentals (14 days or less), our long-term guests (14+ days) are becoming increasingly popular, and have grown to be a major part of the industry. Not as common but equally important, long-term stays can have a variety of business and pleasure travelers, from those crossing the Atlantic for a winter vacation to a local in need of a temporary home while their dream house is being built. We host a wide array of guests and we’re more committed than ever to make sure their experience is the best.

Making one of our suites your temporary home is a job that is close to our hearts. Our suites feature open living spaces chosen to create a comfortable shared space for those traveling with family, friends or colleagues. With locations in major cities on the East Coast, we are an ideal choice for both business and pleasure travel. With that in mind, we also make sure that our apartments are located close to public transportation and have parking easily accessible for our guests, giving them the option to choose their mode of transportation without breaking the bank.

Choosing the right long-term rental option is becoming an increasingly complicated choice, with new alternative accommodations blooming throughout the country. This is especially true for our long-term corporate travel guests. We understand the added pressure of having to meet the business or company accommodation limits and any negotiation that goes with it. When making your choice make sure that you keep in mind what the best option is for both your needs and your company’s. Ask yourselves:

Does this fit my company policy?

Can I work together with this company to get the best apartment for me?

Can I picture myself living there for a few weeks?

Your comfort should be at the forefront of this decision and choosing an alternative accommodations provider that will ensure your comfort is of the utmost importance. At Dharma, we work diligently in our corporate stays program, making sure our long term (and short term) business travelers get the best experience they can.

Dharma Home Suites knows what makes a good long term rental, we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our guests. We continue to work on new ways to build strong and long-lasting relationships not just with our guests but their family and friends as well.

Next time you’re looking for a long-term rental, choose Dharma and learn what it’s like to feel right at home.

For more information on our corporate stays program please email: sales@dharmahomesuites.com

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