New Jersey Spring Guide

New Jersey Spring Guide

Spring is a time of new beginnings and whether you’re there for business or pleasure New Jersey is bustling with activity, take a look at our New Jersey Spring Guide for favorite places and things to see.

You’re here for a short time, be it business or pleasure and want to make sure you hit some good spots for food, entertainment and maybe something in the arts. At Dharma we know it’s important to feel like a local but enjoy like a tourist so we came up with a list of things to do in New Jersey and a little beyond!

So if you’re staying at one of our apartments in the New York Metropolitan Area or are just traveling to the area enjoy like a local, take a look at our New Jersey Spring Guide for what we think are some of the must see places around.

Just Touring Around

Spending your time like a local and visiting the places that give Hoboken and Newport their iconic Jersey feel doesn’t mean you don’t want to give in to your inner tourist some time to explore without having to go where it’s swarming with people.

  • Hudson Riverfront Walkway

Iconic because of its views, the river walk is a must if your feeling like exploring but also a landmark for those who live on either side of the river.
  • Chelsea Market

At the other side of the river not only will you find the Big Apple but you will also find the opportunity to try cuisines from all around the world at Chelsea Market. This is not only a great place to try new foods but if you find yourself at the mercy of the weather this is a great place to window shop and relax.
Foodies Dream Come True

Scrolling through your Instagram feed you look at pizza, bagels, tacos, donuts and your debating what to have for lunch. Fret not there’s always places around and these are some of our favorites:

  • The Pier
Take a stroll down at the Pier 13 here you will not only have cute shops but it’s also a foodie’s dream come true, from food trucks to classic burger joints The Pier is the place to be when the sun’s out.

  • Jersey City Farmers Market

It’s all about the fad and it’s obvious this one’s here to stay! The Jersey City Farmer’s Market is raved about by locals and tourist alike so take advantage of the kitchen in your apartment and cook up local produce for a relaxing weekend afternoon.

A hop, skip and a jump away

New Jersey not only boasts a beautiful but also some one of a kind neighbors if you feel like going for a train ride or have a car take a ride for a little change in scenery:

  • New York City Orchid Show

Not the same as the Macy’s Flower Show the Orchid Show is only going on for the Spring and is the perfect opportunity to take some time off to appreciate mother nature at the New York Botanical Garden .

  • Princeton
If you’re feeling extra adventurous Princeton is not only in the ivy leagues for education but also hosts several events in the Spring one of which is the Art of Science Exhibit on for viewing March through April.

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