New Technologies And Gadgets For The Corporate Lifestyle

New Technologies and Gadgets for the Corporate Lifestyle

If you’re a corporate or business professional that works for a moderately to extremely successful business, then you know very well all the perks of technology and gadgets . After all, how great is it to be so productive with new tech of the 21st century to help you accomplish what used to be seen as impossible.

Dharma Home Suites is proud of our own business professionals working for us from Miami , to New York , to Washington D.C. We have no doubts about the power technology has played in getting us to our current success. So, with that said, here’s some cool tech and gadgets for business owners as well as travelling corporate professionals.

New Technologies and Gadgets for Business Owners

  • Augmented Reality: Ever seen Iron Man You know Robert Downy Jr.’s computer J.A.R.V.I.S. That’s essentially what augmented reality is. Now imagine everything you could do with a lay out at your office like Tony Starks.
  • Smart Boards and Projectors: Ever write an entire plan down on a whiteboard during a conference meeting and wished there were a way to save it That’s what smart boards are for. Smart boards and projectors are perhaps a business owner’s greatest tool because it’s where ideas are created, stored, and manipulated. It has never been easier to be able to buy these smart boards and projectors. Now you’re able to go online to RM Projectors chose the projector and have it delivered straight to you door with no added hassle!
  • Wearables : Wearables, also known as Fitbits, iWatches, etc. are great for keeping track of health, location, timing, and a whole mess of other things. If you’re having trouble keeping your staff involved get them some wearables. You’d be surprised how much exercising will improve employees creativity, problem solving, and other skills.
  • 3D Printing: This is almost a necessary to have in a lot of offices. Especially those who work regularly with models or prototypes. A 3D printer is perfect if you own a business that works with electronics, construction, or if you just want something to inspire creativity through art.
  • Turly Tags / Nokia Treasure Tags: Keeping track of all your company’s gadgets can be rough and they can easily go missing. Tags like the ones listed here help ensure you know or can find any business gadgets that have been lost.
  • Business VoIP System: A phone system that complements business in this modern day – where employees may work remotely, occasionally, part-time or all the time – is important to make it easy for employees to a single business phone number in and out of the office, across all of their devices. More details regarding this system can be found here – .

New Technology and Gadgets for Corporate Professionals

  • Digital Pens: In the 21st century everything is digital! Even your pen can now be digital! Digital pens have many advantages, especially for the travelling business professional. Imagine you’re riding the train from Jersey City to Manhattan and suddenly you get some brilliant ideas that you don’t want to loose. With regular pen and paper it’d be easy to forget or loose it, but using your digital pen you?ll be able to save it all onto your computer.
  • Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Diverse Keyboard: Yes, it’s true phones are getting bigger and thus, their keyboards are too. But don’t you want to be able to use a regular keyboard no matter where you are
  • Portable Scanner/Printer: This one is self-explanatory. But, for example’s sake, here’s why a portable scanner and printer will come in handy. Picture yourself on a business trip in Philadelphia. You’re staying at one of Dharma Home Suites corporate housing locations. You need to print out some documents, which it’s lucky that most of our buildings have computer centers to help out. But, for those of you who’d rather not have to leave the comfort of your furnished apartment, a portable scanner and printer will make life much more convenient.
There you have it! There?s plenty more convenient and high-techy gadgets out there, just waiting to be discovered by you. Always remember the old saying, work smarter, not harder! From all of us at Dharma Home Suites temporary housing , thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed, and be sure to subscribe for more useful information updated weekly!

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