Our Principles: Feng Shui, Green-Living And Dharma

Our Principles: Feng Shui, Green-Living and Dharma

Dharma Home Suites strives to offer guests and clients the best corporate housing experience possible. We seek complete customer satisfaction from the layout of the housing, the choice and placement of the utilities and decorations, and our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, to our customer service stemming from our company philosophy . This article details three principles guiding our company: feng shui, green-living, and the principle of dharma .

Feng Shui

Your health, wealth, relationships, career, and everything else important in your life, can be affected or influenced by your environment. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of harnessing and harmonizing energy flow in an environment for improvement in the quality of all aspects of life. In your impeccably designed and detailed furnished apartment suites , you will find peace and tranquility. They are sized and designed to give you the optimum amount of space with tasteful decoration, and high utility, and convenience.

Green Living

So far, Earth is the only planet we have to live on, so we must take care of it. Dharma Home Suites uses non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products to clean our corporate apartments from a company called Seventh Generation, dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.

The Principle of Dharma Home Suites

Dharma Home Suites is the Hindu principle of rightful conduct, moral law, and duty. People who live with dharma, seek righteousness, and to do right by their duties and abilities. The Dharma Home Suites team aims to do right by our clients and guests, by doing right for our employees, and all our connections. Our duty is to provide the best corporate housing experience possible. Part of doing right is by keeping our staff happy and cared for by serving them as fair employers. Our employees are involved in decisions concerning their work, motivating them to feel empowered in their jobs. We provide them with the right training and guidance to help them stay present, and passionate for providing you with high quality service.

Another part of our duty is to provide as many essential services and amenities as possible to give our clients a worry free, pleasant experience during their stay at any of our many locations. Helpful links are also provided on our website to help make your stay more memorable with guides for tours to attend, foods to try, or shops to visit.

Guided by our principles, Dharma Home Suites corporate housing provides excellent service in all senses of the word, to all who stay with us. We hope our article has helped you better understand makes, We have a strong choice in the corporate housing world. We are not just about corporate housing, we are about personable, client-centered corporate housing. If you’re ever near a Dharma Home Suites housing location, come experience the difference for yourself.

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