Places To Visit In Hoboken During Your Long-Term Stay

Places to Visit in Hoboken During Your Long-Term Stay

What can you expect when you stay with Dharma Home Suites for corporate housing in Hoboken ? Amazing food, diverse cultures, a vibrant nightlife and home to the Jersey Devil that is said to hide in the trees of the Pine Barrens. If you find yourself in Hoboken, New Jersey one is sure to have a unique and delightful experience. Read further to educate yourself about the kind of experiences you’ll enjoy during your business trip. After all, everyone needs a break from the fast paced lifestyle that is a professional.

Hoboken Historical Museum

Every great city has a story; to learn the story of Hoboken one must simply visit the Hoboken Historical Museum on 1301 Hudson St. This museum features exhibits and activities related to the history, culture, historical landmarks and grand architecture of the city. New exhibits are rotated in and out, so gallery lovers will always have new works to admire and new bits and pieces of Hoboken’s history to learn.

Elysian Fields

Believed to be the location of the world’s first organized baseball game, Elysian Fields give Hoboken the bragging rights to being the “birthplace of baseball”. Located on 11th and Washington St, the Knickerbocker Club played at this location against the New York Nine back in 1845. A must see destination for sports fans and baseball fans alike, Elysian Fields is definitely a historical landmark in our nation’s history.


“Come for the food, be surprised by the music, come for the music, be surprised by the food” the promise of Maxwell’s Tavern located on 1039 Washington St. A lively music bar that features performances by new talents every night both local and out of town, it is a popular and frequented location for Hoboken’s residents and guests. With an extensive menu of beer, wine, pub food, and other delights, one is sure to leave Maxwell satisfied.

Birthplace of Frank Sinatra

One of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915 in a small tenement building in Hoboken, New Jersey. Known for his beautiful voice and incredible compositions in the jazz and swing industry, Sinatra’s music is considered to be timeless by many. Unfortunately, the original home of Frank Sinatra burned to the ground just years before his death on May 14, 1998. However fans can go see a stone arch and gold star embedded in the stone for his memory.

Final Words From Dharma Home Suites

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