Pros And Cons Of Short Term Rentals

Pros and Cons of Short term rentals

Corporate housing or short term rentals have pros and cons, just like anything else in the world. We want to ensure that you are capable of making an informed decision whether or not you choose to stay with us, here at Dharma Home Suites.

Listed below are both the risks and rewards when choosing short term rentals in major cities .


  • Cost : One of the most notable risks of choosing short-term over long-term rentals is the cost. This is especially true if plans change and you end up needing to lease the apartment for longer than you thought. Short term rentals have a higher monthly rent, since are in high demand and as their name suggests, short-term.
  • Lease changes: Landlords also have an easier time making changes to short-term lease contracts due to their temporary nature. Such changes can include, raising the monthly rent, changing renewal policies, and other important aspect of the contract that could end up causing some headache.
  • Location: Often, short-term rentals are hare to find in ideal locations. Short-term rentals are frequently furnished rooms in a house or other similar residential areas. This could contribute to the difficulty of commuting to work, shopping for food and clothes, or other inconveniencies.


  • Flexibility: If you’re the type of person who changes their mind, moves around a lot, or in general is restless, then short-term rentals are ideal. They give you the flexibility to move at a moment’s notice.
  • Furnished: Short-term rentals frequently come already furnished. The advantage of getting an already furnished apartment is that you won’t have to stress about moving furniture around or, even worse, having to buy completely new furniture.
  • Exploration: If you’re planning on moving to a new city, such as New York City or any other major city, then short-term rentals will help you in becoming familiar with the city. You’ll have the ability to essentially do trial runs in different neighborhoods and get a feel for, which area meets your needs best.
  • Choices: Daily life keeps increasing in speed and change. People are going fast and adapting ever more. In order to accommodate this lifestyle better it’s always nice to have choices. Short term rentals are continuing to increase more and more in demand, which attracts more investors into the market, thus giving guests a multitude of choices.

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There you have it. The pros and cons to New York short term rentals in order to assist you’re decision. Keep in mind, however, that these do not necessarily represent the pros and cons of Dharma Home Suites and our ethics towards corporate housing.
Corporate housing, after all, has a lot more rewards as opposed to risks. Such rewards include, convenient locations, secured buildings with entertaining accommodations, and most importantly, a staff that will work with you. You are our guest, not just a customer, and with that philosophy, we aim to make your short-term visit as memorable and convenient as possible. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for our next blog !

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