Reasons To Consider Dharma Home Suites Over Hotels In New York City

Reasons to consider Dharma Home Suites over Hotels in New York City

A common question that we hear asked at Dharma Home Suites is, “why choose corporate housing in New York City over hotels?” In this article we will explain, not only the benefits of corporate housing New York City, but also the benefits of Dharma Home Suites.

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First and foremost, many hotels simply look at its occupants as customers. It’s because of this ethical disadvantage that makes hotels not as appealing as a temporary housing stay with Dharma. This is especially true if you intend on staying more than a few days in New York. Companies look at customers as the mass population. They want you in and out, and although they will accommodate you, they’ll charge ridiculous prices for everything.

Dharma Home Suites , on the other hand, sees you as an individual. We see you as someone who has traveled away from their home in order to pursue your dreams. In doing so, you have left your comfort zone and have potentially travelled to a city you’ve never stepped foot in. We offer services, such as Dharma Locals , that help you acclimate and learn all about the ins and outs of your new and temporary home.

That’s just what furnished corporate housing is, a home, not a room. We don’t charge ridiculous prices for a sip of alcohol. Instead, we situate you in a convenient location so that you may visit stores and stock your cupboards with whatever you may like. We also offer a ton of resources and information on this blog , including easy making rec for those of you who are busy.


As said above, hotels can quickly cost an arm and a leg to stay at. Dharma Home Suites fully furnished temporary housing offers a more reasonable price, even when compared to other corporate housing companies. Pricing becomes a big issue when you plan on staying somewhere for a month or more. It’s important to budget wisely and choose the most economic choice. You can choose a hotel that charges 300$ a night, and might not let you stay as long, or you can choose corporate housing that’ll not only be cheaper, but allows you a location to live in for longer period of time.

Sure, a hotel might have a pool, and a continental breakfast, but do they have a library, a study area, a BBQ deck, or any of the other number of accommodations you’ll experience when choosing Dharma Home Suites for corporate housing in the New York area? The answer is no. Plain and simple. Click here to read more about the numerous of l uxurious accommodations that Dharma Home Suites corporate housing building have to offer.


The facts back up what we have to say. Choosing Dharma Home Suites is reliable, comfortable, and economical. Of course, there is always a time and place for things, and corporate housing is the same way. So if the needs you want met just aren’t capable for a hotel, check out our site or call one of our representatives to find out how we can make your stay in New York , a home away from home.

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