Special Offers For Corporate Housing Guests Staying With Dharma Home Suites

Special Offers for Corporate Housing Guests Staying with Dharma Home Suites

One of the reasons Dharma Home Suites has been successful is because we offer quality corporate housing at the lowest rates on the Internet. Check out Yelp, or Google , or any other review based website and you’ll find out how much people enjoy staying with us.

Of course, we want to help you, our loyal guest, enjoy your time and save as much money as possible. So of course listed below are some of are special offers and advantages. You can also click here to apply these discounts to our corporate housing properties in New York or Miami .

Simply subscribe to our newsletter

In order to receive 3 nights free from Dharma Home Suites. Right when you enter the Dharma Home Suites website it’ll ask for your email that way we can keep you up to date with the latest at Dharma Home Suites and the latest ways to save money on your corporate housing. Imagine getting to stay 3 nights in a city you’ve always wanted to see!

Short-term based deals

Even though most of our loyal guests end up staying for upwards of a month we have some short-term deals to help everyone. The two deals include 10% off for stays at least 3 days long and 15% off for stays at least 7 days or longer. That could save you so much money especially on longer stays. Even a 7-day stay with 15% off would save you a couple hundred dollars, which you can then use to explore the city you’re in. For more information on the cities we’re located in and things you can do in them be sure to read our blog regularly too!

The amenities speak for themselves

It’s fairly common for short-term rental companies to charge for extra amenities such as parking, Wi-Fi, and numerous other amenities. However, don’t worry cause Dharma Home Suites would never do something so trivial that would cause you inconvenience. We offer parking, Wi-Fi, and other amenities for free! Click here to learn more about our amenities and accommodations .

Last words, do some research!

We’re pretty positive that if you do your research you’ll quickly discover just how great the deals are that Dharma Home Suites offers for corporate housing. Read reviews, compare prices, and do virtual tours.

From all of us here at Dharma Home Suites we welcome you if you’re a new reader and thank you if you’re one of our loyal guests. Enjoy your corporate housing experience and subscribe to our blog for more useful information!

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