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Reviews: They're important for corporate housing companies

Dharma Home Suites recently did an article, which highlighted the great reviews we’ve received. Clearly, Dharma Home Suites has been successful when it comes to corporate housing , and there’s no doubt that good reviews really do help all businesses. At the same time there are multiple applications you can use to create a review or to read reviews about a company! The writers at Dharma Home Suites have chosen to write about the importance of reviews, as well as, advice for how to approach a review.

The Ethics of Quality Reviews for Corporate Housing Companies and Other Businesses

Giving quality, unbiased reviews regarding any business is similar to an English class. You wouldn’t tell someone his or her paper is the worst thing you’ve read would you? Hopefully not, because being rude is the wrong way to give any review, even if the experience was unpleasant. Instead, think of giving constructive criticism. Here’s why it benefits everyone:

  • Good Reviews – for You: You’re probably wonderings how reviews can help you in any way. The fact of the matter is, if you give quality, well thought out, and organized reviews people will notice. There are plenty of restaurants that will specifically request for someone to try their food for free if you give quality reviews. Of course giving a good review can be the easy part.
  • Poor Reviews – for You: The hard part of giving a review is when you’ve had issues with the businesses. If you check Yelp all too often you’ll see people typing in caps or exclamation marks and essentially are using the app to vent frustrations. However, this probably won’t calm you down, and it definitely won’t help the business in any way. Easy rule of thumb is stick to facts, not opinions and before you know it you’ll be getting all kinds of free things.
  • Good Reviews – for Businesses: Obviously, just about every business hopes to receive good reviews. This is because a lot of people prefer to go to businesses that have plenty of good reviews on Yelp, just like Dharma Home Suites. What this means is if you thoroughly enjoyed your experience, be it corporate housing or something else, then help support that business by leaving a good review.
  • Poor Reviews – for Businesses: They gain the opportunity of discovering what the root problems are and how to address them. For example, a company can’t improve much if a review were to just say “This is the worst food ever!” or “These furnished apartments are unpleasant!” However, a review will do a lot more good if instead you were to say “The food was too salty” or “The apartment wasn’t completely clean when I arrived.” Now the business will have an opportunity to address that specific problem accordingly. Knowledge is power!

Final Words from Dharma Home Suites

From all of us here at Dharma Home Suites , we thank all of you for being loyal guests and for taking the time to give us such great reviews . We’d be nothing without your support. If for whatever reason you would like to contact us click here. Subscribe to our blog too, that way you get more useful information about our corporate housing!

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