Summer Time Events In Boston For Corporate Housing Guests

Summer Time Events in Boston for Corporate Housing Guests

Are you one of the lucky professionals who get to stay in Boston over the summer? Well, whether or not you’re one of Dharma Home Suites’ corporate housing guests , this article is designed to help out anybody looking to have some fun in Boston this summer . These events will range from concerts, plays, sports events, and more. We hope you enjoy reading!

Metropolitan Wind Symphony

Where: Pinebank Promontory, Jamaica Way and Perkins, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

When: July 24, 2016 6:00 PM


Looking for a truly memorable experience and potentially romantic night? Then check out the Metropolitan Wind Symphony this summer! Going to a symphony is very calming as well, which makes it perfect for business professionals, and I’m speaking from experience. The well-composed transitions and climaxes give anyone a much-needed energy boost for the days that follow. Going with a spouse or a date makes it that much better because you have someone to share the experience with during your corporate housing stay.

Movies in the parks!

Where: Hunt Park, L Street Beach, Ringer Playground, East Boston Stadium, and other locations

When: Several Dates in August


Not everyone is a fan of watching live music, however for those of you who prefer to listen to epic music in the movies then movies in the park is a much better (and probably cheaper) alternative. There are various locations around Boston where parks and beaches show movies to the public. Once again, this would be an excellent event to bring a date or friend.

The Freedom Trail

Where: Boston

When: Always


If you want to see the most of Boston in a short distance or period of time, then just take the Freedom Trail. This trail walking tour and is only a few miles along but it includes 16 historical sites for you to visit. These sites include: Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, Site of Boston Massacre, and so much more. If you’re not an expert on US history by the time you’ve left Boston you aren’t making the most of this great opportunity during your corporate housing experience.

Miscellaneous other activities

Of course, these aren’t the only choices for things to do in summer. Other options to look up and consider include:

  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Museums
  • Art
  • Pools
  • Galleries
  • Festivals

So no matter who you are, even if you’re not a fan of US history there’s something in Boston to entertain you. So don’t be a couch potato just because you’re tired, remember an object in motion wants to stay in motion so fight through your stress and exhaustion in order to get the most of your visit to Boston.

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