The Importance Of Exercise In A Professional Life

The Importance of Exercise in a Professional Life

If you don’t think exercise plays an important role in your life as a professional, perhaps you will reconsider your position after reading this article featured by Dharma Home Suites . Regular mild exercise, and even casual, infrequent exercise from simple, low-impact activities such as walking or going up stairs can yield many benefits worth your effort. It’s always a good idea to have a routine when you start exercising so you don’t forget or get bored of the exercise. Check out these basic exercise routines published by personal trainer Chris Stone from The Adventure Lab to find an exercise that works for you.

Body in Motion

The fact humans have arms and legs capable of walking, sitting, and doing things is proof enough that some degree of motion is good for you. Most humans are not designed to be sitting stationary for an entire eight-hour day without it showing in your back or legs, and possibly your gut. Lethargy, irritability, restlessness, and eating out of boredom, or habit are common afflictions for those who never leave their chairs.

Brain Lights

Technology today allows us to watch the electrical impulses in the brain light up different areas depending on what the body is doing. Jogging up your routine, literally and metaphorically, will send signals to new parts of your brain. Not only does the oxygen boost and neuronal activity keep your brain active, it literally uses different parts of your brain, which may help shed new light on ideas. Maybe a refreshing walk outside will make tackling that problem you’ve been stuck on seem less difficult.

Health as an Asset

Exercise can increase metabolism through muscle growth , improve blood flow, lower bad cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, and elevate mood and wellbeing. Think of your health as an asset to your professional life. Would you bet your life savings on a horse in a race that you know has been malnourished and neglected, or would you feel better betting on the well fed, trained one? The same goes for you, where you are the horse your employers, family, and even you are betting on. Keeping in prime form will keep you in the game longer for yourself or your loved ones counting on you, with more quality work to bring to the table.

Appealing Appearance

When you take care of yourself, it shows, and other people will notice. Exercise can help you improve your physical condition, and possibly be a better you. When you see the changes, which may take a while with consistent efforts, it’s predicted you will feel better about yourself, which will motivate you to continue. For those of us who are not natural at business interactions, self-esteem boosts can make a difference in your performance. Remember: look good, feel good, and do good.

There’s enough literature out there for you to look into the benefits of exercise. The folks at Dharma Home Suites hope you’ll see how those benefits are important to success in your profession. When you care about yourself, you won’t burn out at work, and with some exercise thrown in, you’ll keep your brain sharp and perceptive to new ideas .

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