Things To Do In Miami Beach During Your Corporate Housing Experience

Things To Do in Miami Beach During Your Corporate Housing Experience

So, you’re either planning on coming to Miami Beach or you’re already here and are looking for the local eateries, fun activities, and places to hang out! Congrats! Miami Beach has so much to offer travelling professionals like yourself.

Here, at Dharma Home Suites, our guests in Monte Carlo ask us all the time, “what the heck is there to do around here?” To answer their questions as well as any questions you may have about what to expect and things to do in Miami Beach we’ve decided to create this list. Enjoy reading and subscribe to our blogs for more exclusive and useful information!

Miami Beach’s Beach of Course!

It’s not called Miami Beach for nothing! As soon as you unpack your travel luggage, take a quick dip in the ocean to feel rejuvenated before you’re sure to be busy week. Going out for a swim first thing in the morning is also an excellent way to get your gears turning and productive for a successful business trip.

Looking for a Quick But Delicious Lunch Break or a Restaurant for Your Meeting?

Living the life of a corporate professional means that you don’t always get to enjoy lunch. For those of you who prefer to pack your lunch’s click here to find out healthy foods to stock your corporate housing with.

If you’re looking for someplace to eat out for lunch then try out La Moon Restaurant . They have a menu that includes 16 different appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, meets, poultry, seafood, and so much more. Dishes like the Linguine Shrimp Scampi even make my mouth water thinking about how fresh it must be!

Speaking of seafood, if you’re looking for something a little nicer than La Moon to eat at for a business meeting or other professional encounter, then try Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant . With its 1,570 reviews averaging to four stars, it’s got to be absolutely delicious.

Where to go to When the Corporate Day is All Over and It’s Time to Kickback?

At long last, you’re ready to kick up your feet and celebrate the day’s little victories. Rather than spend your trip cooped up in your furnished apartment, instead go out and enjoy the night, there are quite a few bars and lounges to try out. One highly recommended on Google is The Regent Cocktail Club. Their website describes the bar as:

“Evoking the 1940s classic cocktail bar atmosphere, The Regent Cocktail Club offers guests a sophisticated space to enjoy cocktails produced by a group of cocktail connoisseurs who are proud to call themselves bartenders rather than mixologists.”

Sounds like the perfect place to network and mingle after a hard workday. For fun you could make it a point to even try a different cocktail each night of you’re stay in Miami Beach.

Well I must say, this is list is sure to create or help inspire a good time. Your corporate housing experience will be a memorable one as long as you ensure you go out and experience the town. From us at Dharma Home Suites, thanks for reading and be sure to contact us if you need corporate housing in Miami Beach or Brickell !

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